0506 Beer Battered Tempeh at ABC

Sooooooooo unmotivated to cook tonight, you guys.  We were both home by 5 and were both hungry, but neither of us had any interest in making dinner, which was supposed to be a revisit of last month’s shrimp and grits.  Except that the bacon? Still in the freezer.  And the spinach? Gone after last night’s dinner.  We still had the bottle of clam juice, though, not that that would help with anything.

We opted for a quick dinner at Arbor Brewing Company – $3 pints during happy hour!  We’re not huge fans of ABC, but I had a damned fine beer-battered tempeh sandwich – crispy and delicious, served on a chewy onion roll with chipotle mayo.  Shane had fish tacos, which were WORLDS BETTER than the tacos I tried to make at home the other weekend (I threw them away, and let’s not talk about it).  Good stuff, and good ideas for future meals – that is, when we’re more motivated to cook.


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