Guilty Confessions

My dear friend Erin recently ‘fessed up to a variety of embarrassing purchases and other closeted items that a woman of her age, gravity, intellect, and social standing probably should not own. This was a follow up to a post about embarrassing entertainment purchases, except Erin took it one step further, and I’m oh-so-glad that she did. This got me (and also Kasia) thinking about my guilty pleasures, the things SB can’t believe I own, and the things that I’m really a little shocked that I’ve kept despite moving at least once a year since 2002.

Without further ado:

  1. A subscription to People Magazine. I may be the only person you know who actually subscribes, but I can tell you that many others reap the benefit. I really enjoyed reading the trashy magazines that were left about when I was using the gym at UIUC, and the prospect of not being able to enjoy them in our building’s gym made me very sad.
  2. Not one but TWO Ace of Base albums. Not just the stolen mp3s – entire albums. Which I listen to without irony.
  3. A plaid button-down shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch purchased in Washington DC in the spring of 1993. It’s threadbare and huge, but I love it.
  4. A box of totally embarrassing notebooks ranging from notes exchanged between me and Sarah in high school to mortifying journals that I never want to look at again, but somehow can’t get rid of.
  5. A soup tureen, brought home on a whim from my parents’ house. Who needs an effing soup tureen?
  6. An obscene amount of bath products and lotions. At one point recently I put all the lotions I owned out to remind myself that I didn’t need more lotion, and there were at least three fragrance options, several unfragranced options, as well as several options for specific body parts (hands, feet). This doesn’t include any facial products.
  7. Several boxes of art supplies, which I haven’t used in at least two years, and also several boxes of letters, which I haven’t revisited in several years but am keeping for posterity’s sake nonetheless.
  8. Nursing bras, not because I’ve ever been pregnant or have nursed, but because for 18 months I failed at every attempt to buy bras, and so had to buy multiples of the first thing that fit.
  9. Holiday dishes (Christmas) and cat napkin rings ($1.50 at a yard sale!).
  10. Lots of scarves. Winter scarves. Decorative scarves. Neckerchiefs. Sitting in a drawer.

OK, so few of these things are actually embarrassing – most of them just fall into the category of “seriously? I own this crap?”. Regardless, I’m amused.

Cheese, Gromit!

Have I mentioned how much we love Cowgirl Creamery? Oh. Well, we love Cowgirl Creamery like Wallace loves cheese. Shane’s been on a cheese kick of late, having made a long list from the cheese book I bought him for Christmas last year. We’ve been going to CC on the weekends armed with the cheese list, trying new and exciting things on the recommendation of the fancy cheese people (do cheese workers have a name?) – one of whom, it so happens, worked for the guy who wrote the book!  Their cheese selection is incredible, the fancy cheese people are very knowledgeable and patient, and sampling is encouraged.  We’ve tried a number of new things and otherwise expanded our cheese noses and palates to include stinky, crumbly, rindy, and grassy things.

Since moving here, we’ve gone out less often – in part because it’s more expensive, in part because there aren’t any bars immediately close to our apartment, and in part because it makes us kind of sad to go to bars week after week, just the two of us.  Instead, we’ve been spending our money on good cheeses, wines from the wine shop near us,  and putting the two together with some fruit and movies on the weekends.  It’s a really wonderful treat, and I’m looking forward to the choices for this weekend: a Portuguese white that we picked up at last night’s tasting, two new cheeses, and the last disc of Long Way Round.


So the LJ is all abuzz about Tumblr, which apparently makes posting all kinds of random web things incredibly easy. Having already fallen in love with delicious, embraced and abandoned Vox, and then jumped straight into Twitter, I think I already have enough places to post things, though the idea of a posting bookmarklet is pretty cool. Instead, my faithful readers, I’m going to be more steadfastly resolved to sharing ephemera here, rather than fattening your feed readers with another site to manage.

Speaking of which, how in the world did I ever manage my internetting before feed readers? The Google Reader feature set is my current best friend, especially the sharing options. Say what you will about Google – I’m happy to integrate my reading, my email, my document composition, and my calendar, and then also have the option to highlight text and send it to my phone.

Random E + SB silliness

Last weekend we were wandering around after stocking up on fancy cheese, and I was trying to tell Shane about something that (1) I saw while in NYC or (2) saw on Law & Order.  I’m sure the anecdote was very enthralling, but that’s neither here nor there.  I couldn’t remember the actual name of the neighborhood where I saw (or saw on TV) the thing in question, so for the sake of argument I made up a name for a New York neighborhood.  One thing led to another, which led to a great deal of silliness as we came up with the following:

  • Little Turkmenistan
  • WeHo (alternately, eHo)
  •  The Haberdasher District

I’m sure there were others, but we can’t remember any of them.  You’ll have to trust me that it was hilarious.

Work-Related Reporting

DCist reports that the World Bank is closed today after receiving a bomb threat in the last couple of days. This is noteworthy because I work about four blocks from the WB, and my bus stop is directly across the street. This is also noteworthy because unless I missed it, the university didn’t notify us that there had been a bomb threat in the neighborhood.

I suppose after living in a city for a while, these things stop being strange, but it’s still awfully weird to me.