cucumber rolls

i know i said i would be better about capitalization. i’m sorry. the thoughts come too fast for me to stop. i have, however, improved my punctuation, though the dash is still ever-present.
i want cucumber rolls. i want them so badly. i want cucumber and nori and sticky rice and pickled ginger and wasabi and soy sauce. if anyone is in the greater rockford area reading this right now and feels like going to jmk nippon and buying me a giant box of cucumber rolls and bringing them to amcore at colonial village, i would be ever so grateful. just don’t buy more than $8 worth cause that’s all i’ve got. ok, maybe not more than $6 worth cause i need to get salad for dinner. that’s still 18 delicious salty little cucumber rolls all for me.
please be a dear and bring them to me. thank you ever so much.
e, over and out


smelly jim & the pirates

a funny story. today my ex emailed me. a couple of my friends from the honors program refer to him as “smelly jim,” not because he smells (which he doesn’t) but because he smokes camels (which they don’t like) – and because they needed a way to distinguish him from the other jim in our class, affectionately known as “old jim.” anyway, jim (smelly, not old) emailed me today – i wrote him earlier in the week saying how nice it was to see him at the party, blah blah blah – and katye and i had been talking about him, so when he responded i forwarded the innocent email over to her so she could see what was going on. well, apparently she decided that it would be a really great thing to harass him. actually, i think she meant to harass me – so she forwarded his message back to me with an addition:
“ps i’m smelly”
BUT instead of sending it to me, she accidentally replied to him. now, groupwise will let us delete sent messages if they’re internal – but i seriously doubt that option works on external email. she immediately turned 14 shades of red and scrambled for a logical explanation – i emailed him and told him to disregard any emails from her and that she likes to bombard any people that email me with bizarre messages. so what does katye do? she sends him another message that reads:
dear jim,
i’m wearing a hood and have five little pink peeps all in a row that are crying out for small sombreros.
are you a NIN fan? if so you should check out
meathead is my heart and liz’s destiny.
here’s a good pirate joke:
“what’s a pirate’s favorite bible story?”
noah’s ARRRRk.
have fun and stay out of trouble.

so now if he doesn’t think i’m totally insane, i’ll be lucky. if you’re reading this, jim, i really didn’t mean to harass you – and neither did my friend.
i wish all of my updates were cheerful and humorous like moby’s are. he talks about the simpsons and food and monkeys and music and amsterdam and all sorts of interesting and amusing things. i just bitch about money and my in-laws. run, run to moby’s site and be uplifted.
so i’m actually updating here. *gasp* that’s right. updating. i added a new rant/rave today: unsent – and a new journal entry and a new song earlier this week. i guess this is what happens when i have no money and plenty of time. OH, and i also added some links. not a whole lot. but some quality ones. like a link to my beautiful meathead. and one to moby. hooray. these are the things i spend my days looking at. as sites are added to my daily catalogue, i will add them here.
e, over and out