cucumber rolls

i know i said i would be better about capitalization. i’m sorry. the thoughts come too fast for me to stop. i have, however, improved my punctuation, though the dash is still ever-present.
i want cucumber rolls. i want them so badly. i want cucumber and nori and sticky rice and pickled ginger and wasabi and soy sauce. if anyone is in the greater rockford area reading this right now and feels like going to jmk nippon and buying me a giant box of cucumber rolls and bringing them to amcore at colonial village, i would be ever so grateful. just don’t buy more than $8 worth cause that’s all i’ve got. ok, maybe not more than $6 worth cause i need to get salad for dinner. that’s still 18 delicious salty little cucumber rolls all for me.
please be a dear and bring them to me. thank you ever so much.
e, over and out


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