A Media Interlude

We have been devouring Hotel Beau Séjour on Netflix after seeing it recommended in a friend’s post requesting new dramas for binge-watching. The show is in Flemish, so it’s a rare opportunity for N to watch TV in his native language, and for me to light up when I recognize the odd word or funny translation. I’m a crime drama junkie, so this was right up my alley, but we’ve both been totally drawn into the mystery. We’ve been watching 1-2 episodes per night as bedtime allows, but when an episode ended on a particularly crazy cliffhanger the other night, we had no choice but to get more snacks and a second glass of wine and settle in for another hour.

Also, can we talk about The Young Pope? N warned me that “not much happened” in the first couple of episodes, so I expected it to just be background noise for knitting, and was surprised to find myself riveted. It’s beautiful to watch, with interesting  and dramatic cinematography. Jude Law is subtle and compelling. Don’t watch it expecting arguments for or against Catholicism – watch it for a visually rich and “surprisingly serious meditation on loneliness and faith.”