good things

1. Sealed windows and pretty gray curtains make for a warm(er) bedroom
2. Begrudgingly good maple-mustard pork chops Rachael Ray
3. The Prestige and getting free movie passes due to terrible projection
4. Articles on the Camino Blues
5. Good healing so far, and a new cast in ten days


This photograph is my proof.

This weekend, I fell off my dad’s mountain bike and broke my arm. We spent most of Friday night at immediate care and in the ER, getting my arm x-rayed and set in a temporary cast. I was scared and hungry (we were getting ready to go to dinner when this happened) and in pain, and Shane took care of me the whole time, making me laugh and letting me cry on his shoulder.

You know what is hard to do with a broken arm? Just about everything. Over the weekend, Shane cut my food, put product in my hair, buttoned my pants, adjusted my sling, and put a garbage bag on my arm so that I could shower. He bought me these shoes last night so that I wouldn’t have to ask for help every time I needed to go somewhere, even though he swears he likes helping me with my shoelaces.

Yesterday he was helping me with my socks and shoes and my mom told me that he was a keeper, and told him that he couldn’t go away and had to love me forever. I’ve been telling him all of these things, but somehow it means something more when it comes from my mom.

Shane’s ex-girlfriend has a new(ish) boyfriend who does lots of sweet things for her, and she posts pictures of the exceptionally sweet ones to her Flickr. In comparison I feel bad sometimes that I can’t share with everyone photographic proof of how wonderful Shane is to me every day, and how much I love and appreciate him in return. This photograph is my proof.

Two questions for you, oh Internet friends

1. Yesterday I wore an emerald green above the knee A-line wool skirt that belonged to my aunt when she was in high school and college. I love this skirt and would be exceedingly happy if I could own it in every color of the rainbow. Does anyone have an above the knee A-line skirt pattern they particularly love? I get really overwhelmed whenever I start looking.

2. What blogs do you guys read every day or so? I have a few new favorites, but I’m kind of interested in other people’s reading habits right now.