Spotted in Ann Arbor

Two librarians sopping up amazing sauce from Mario Batali’s Brasato di Maiale Nero (Braised Pork in the “Black Rooster”) from the Dutch oven, then making sure that they really, truly, for sure had saved a pint of the sauce for tomorrow’s dinner.

It was THAT good.

If money were no object…

I would like the following:

  • Over the top vet services to fix whatever’s ailing Basil
  • new knee socks like these or these or these or these or these
  • knee high brown boots like these, only not $500, but I guess if we’re talking money as no object, then $500 is fine
  • Jamón ibérico
  • better baking pans
  • a new winter coat
  • a clothesline in the basement
  • Brother Thelonious
  • new running tights and shoes, neither of which will be optional if I keep this up
  • David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries
  • a Buzz cupcake