Forbes has confirmed it!  I work for the most expensive university in the country, and likely in the world.  How’s that for exciting?

0 thoughts on “$39,240

  1. Education costs have inflated like 5400% in the last few years. Because I work for education — I’m for it — otherwise I’d be against it. It’s interesting to see how aid and compensation packages react (slowly) to that.

    For example, UIUC gives tuition waivers to staff, but counts any waivers more than $5200 per year as taxable income. (Granted, you deduct that later in other ways, but still.) $5k just covers a semester here; not a year. And we’re just “a cheap state school.” The $5200 comes from a national IRS number.

    I don’t believe Forbes that the national average is $4500/year — unless that counts two year colleges and other non-degree adult ed to bring the numbers down.


  2. So if you help a few undergrads per year, does that mean you’ve justified your salary and can spend the rest of the time surfin’ the internet (as the kids used to say)?

    Joke! That’s a joke!


  3. Woo for Sarah Lawrence, though they’ve let themselves go. When I was there in 1995-96 they were the top most expensive school. Bennington in Vermont has really fallen by the wayside if they aren’t even making it into the top five. They used to trade off with SLC every few years a little more than a decade ago. God, I’m old.


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