Cheese, Gromit!

Have I mentioned how much we love Cowgirl Creamery? Oh. Well, we love Cowgirl Creamery like Wallace loves cheese. Shane’s been on a cheese kick of late, having made a long list from the cheese book I bought him for Christmas last year. We’ve been going to CC on the weekends armed with the cheese list, trying new and exciting things on the recommendation of the fancy cheese people (do cheese workers have a name?) – one of whom, it so happens, worked for the guy who wrote the book!  Their cheese selection is incredible, the fancy cheese people are very knowledgeable and patient, and sampling is encouraged.  We’ve tried a number of new things and otherwise expanded our cheese noses and palates to include stinky, crumbly, rindy, and grassy things.

Since moving here, we’ve gone out less often – in part because it’s more expensive, in part because there aren’t any bars immediately close to our apartment, and in part because it makes us kind of sad to go to bars week after week, just the two of us.  Instead, we’ve been spending our money on good cheeses, wines from the wine shop near us,  and putting the two together with some fruit and movies on the weekends.  It’s a really wonderful treat, and I’m looking forward to the choices for this weekend: a Portuguese white that we picked up at last night’s tasting, two new cheeses, and the last disc of Long Way Round.


0 thoughts on “Cheese, Gromit!

  1. Dude…a turophile is someone who loves cheese. You and Shane are turophiles. Incidentally, I tried fake hot dogs the other day – vegie ones. Not convinced…we have nowhere near the selection of fake meat that you guys have. So sad.


  2. Aw, I miss those LNB moments also. 😦 I miss y’all and having a place to hang out and enjoy a sip, cig, song, ‘scussion, and stuff.

    (I couldn’t figure out a clever way to fit games, cards, darts and the like in there, but you get the idea, it fits with stuff.)


  3. My favorite meal in the last 10-12 years has been a good stinky cheese, some crusty bread, some pears and a decent bottle of wine, it can’t be beat! It is much better than going out in the winter, and would be even better to take out to a good beer garden in the summer. Yay for cheese!


  4. Jenny: they chose heavy bikes because they needed to be sturdy, and, more importantly, carry all the gear. Those panniers and bags weigh a ton and the suspension and everything has to be able to handle it.

    When the cameraman was on the lighter bike for awhile he didn’t have to deal with the gear issue.


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