0309 Handicapped by Kitchen Disasters

Remember how we made two ice creams this weekend?  And how I warned you that it’s very easy to end up with sticky syrup all over everything?  Well, let’s just say that I’m speaking from experience.  And this was confirmed when I turned on the oven on Sunday morning and the house filled up with smoke.  After a heavy round of scrubbing on Sunday (thanks, Shane!), we thought that we were in the clear.  No dice.

So, tonight I found myself trying to bake a couple of chicken breasts in the toaster oven.  And it worked out just about as well as you’d imagine.  The chicken was baked in a foil packet with wine, heavy cream, herbs, green onions, and some crumbled bacon – the recipe said 25 minutes, but it took closer to an hour, after which point the chicken hadn’t reached the correct internal temperature but was overcooked.  I also braised some leeks and lacinato kale, which finished long before the chicken.  Everything was fine, just not worth the effort.  I don’t blame the recipe or the equipment – it was just weird and disappointing, and the marjoram made it taste like soap.

Also, the recipe calls for ‘baby leeks’, but in the photos they look an awful lot like green onions.  What?!

Chicken Breast in a Bag with Cannellini Beans, Leeks, Cream and Marjoram from Happy Days with the Naked Chef


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