0308 Snacks for Dinner

You know, in my early 20s, it seemed like the best way to get a lot of alcohol was to throw a party.  Some kind of drink – often jello shots or a keg MGD – would be on the house, but most people would also BYOB, and by the end of the night, the fridge would be full of assorted booze – the seeds of the next party.  I once had a party where I explicitly said no beer, only to end up with 27 cans of Miller High Life.  Not sure how that one worked out.

In the last few years, though, the post-party trend has steered towards food – delicious homemade treats, side dishes for the entree, a bottle of wine or two – the sorts of things that are perfect for an impromptu meal after a bad day.  What a coincidence, then that I came home with a headache and a terrible mood after spending all day restarting my computer in 30 minute intervals.  There was not a chance of me cooking, despite having a delicious meal planned.  Instead, after my nap, we had snacks for dinner.  And oh, did we have snacks: olives, two kinds of cheese, two kinds of crackers, two kinds of berries, and two kinds of dips, made up on the spot out of plain Greek yogurt and savory/sweets from the spice cabinet.  Some Ole Salty’s that we’ve impossibly kept ourselves from eating for 2 months.  Not a high-brow meal by any means, but a good one, and one that hit all the right flavors.


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