Welcome Home, Mr. President!

It snowed today – our first real snow this winter.  In honor of the expected 1-3 inches (with another 1-3 tonight), there were significant school closures, and I’m sincerely hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  Please compare this with two years ago, when the University closed school for snow for the first time since 1979 due to 18 inches overnight, with another 6 inches accumulating during the work day.  While I do miss true winter weather and find DC winters totally strange, I think that we have maybe just enough winter weather so that I can enjoy it without hating it.


0 thoughts on “Snowey!

  1. I completely agree – everything was closed here today, and we enjoyed the snowday. (Although some really important things happened at work without me, even though the university was closed – but I’ll get over it.) This is just enough snow to make me content, and enough to appease Greg – the best of both worlds.


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