A brief list of things I miss about VA/DC

  • The Metro – not taking it to work every day, but having it as a transportation option
  • Galaxy Hut
  • Jackie + Tina + Stacey + Mark + Mike
  • Buzz (ham and cheese scone, pls, and while you’re at it, I’m out of granola)
  • Feeling like we were in the middle of things
  • Listening to WAMU (Your NPR news source in the nation’s capitol)
  • Running by the river
  • A close enough proximity to the ocean to not feel guilt-ridden when I crave seafood
  • 9:30 Club + the Black Cat
  • Baked & Wired
  • the GW Parkway

June in brief!

June was, in short, insanely busy.  First, Tina and I ran in the Race for the Cure and raised money for a good cause.  And then we ate waffles.

Team Helpful Paws
Then the next day Mel and Ray arrived from Seattle and hung out until we went to Bonnaroo.

Photos of Mel, Ray, and Fred stolen from Kevin’s wonderful Flickr.  Kevin, Jill, and Fred joined us for a fun brunch and a lot of catching up.  The next day Shane went to Michigan, returning the day after that so that we could go to Bonnaroo:


We saw some science bears play video games.

Science Bears

and connected with a bunch of Shane’s college friends!

U of C crew

After getting home and trying to beat summer colds, I flew to Illinois for my sister’s bridal shower:


I also got to be home for Father’s Day, which was especially excellent since I thought it was the previous weekend!  We made brunch for Pop since everyone was home.


No sooner did I return, then the next wave of visitors arrived. Dan stayed with us for a few days while wooing Basil:
Basil loves Dan

We went to the first Fort Reno of the season with a bunch of friendos:
First Fort Reno of the year

Linda and Jeremiah came to visit for a week from Colorado, which was very excellent. We went to a baseball game and yelled at the Red Sox:
Linda & Jeremiah

The last day our friends were here, we got the news that we’ve already posted about, which is pretty awesome!  Also Richard and Piotr were in town and we had dinner with them, but I forgot to take pictures. And then we took two days of vacation for a staycation, during which we wore funny glasses and went to Baltimore.  More on that later!

That's a look.

Obama in the ‘hood!

Attorney General Eric Holder’s installation was held at GW’s Lisner Auditorium last week.  Do you know what that means?


The library stayed open through the whole thing, despite the fact that H Street was closed and heavily guarded.

Tina and I hung out on the street as long as possible until we were sent inside.

We did get to see Caroline stuck on the corner, and also a fabulous set of police manuevers.

After all of that – my friend Debbie did get to see the man himself!  She was coming out of the Marvin Center just as he was leaving, so she waved, and he waved back.  Hooray!  I’m sure these things get pretty old when you’ve been in DC forever – but it’s still pretty dang exciting for me.


Welcome Home, Mr. President!

It snowed today – our first real snow this winter.  In honor of the expected 1-3 inches (with another 1-3 tonight), there were significant school closures, and I’m sincerely hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  Please compare this with two years ago, when the University closed school for snow for the first time since 1979 due to 18 inches overnight, with another 6 inches accumulating during the work day.  While I do miss true winter weather and find DC winters totally strange, I think that we have maybe just enough winter weather so that I can enjoy it without hating it.


I know that all of you are dying to know if we’re going to the Inauguration or not.  To be honest, I’m not sure!

DC is supposed to be just totally effing nutty in the next few days. We found out today that our friends Aggie and Jason will be driving down from Chicago after getting tickets at the Very Last Minute.  We’ve fielded at least one other inquiry about sleeping on our floor.  I can’t imagine what my friends who actually live in the city are hearing!  We heard on the radio that the market for renting out your apt for the inauguration kind of went bust – which is consolation for not doing the same thing ourselves, I guess.

I’m off work on Tuesday as a result of the inauguration – GW is closed because of its proximity to all kinds of important DC things.  The campus advisory email that went out today sounded terribly alarmist, warning members of the GW community to make sure they had cash (to avoid long lines at ATMs), to carry their GW IDs at all times when on campus, and that absolutely no one would be allowed to sleep in their offices this weekend.  I’m not sure how they’re going to enforce that last one but hey – not my problem!  I’ll be sleeping in my own bed!

The actual festivities will be going down on a day with a projected high of 32, and a low of 7.  Now, with all those people on the Mall, the body heat alone should be enough to bump it up a few degrees – but that’s pretty cold to voluntarily stand outside for hours on end with a million and a half of your best friends.  Logistically speaking, I’m not really sure how this is going to work.  Metro can’t manage to keep the escalators at Foggy Bottom running on a normal day – how’s it going to work with three times the normal population of DC swarming in for one day?

All of these things add up to my mixed feelings about trying to see some of the festivities on Tuesday.  I’m beyond thrilled about what will be taking place – the historic event, the inauguration of a president for whom I campaigned, donated money, and sent up many an anxious prayer – I’m just not sure if I want to go down to the Mall to celebrate it, or if I’d rather celebrate from my couch, glass of champagne in hand.

Either way, it’s a momentous occasion, and I’m awfully excited about it.

New Museum Fun!

My dear friend Erin Fae came down for a brief visit from NYC.  With all of the wonderful free things available to her in our fair city on the occasion of her first visit…she picked the National Postal Museum!  It was well worth the trek through the extreme heat – I learned about the Mailster, Victory Mail, and Owney the Dog, among lots of other things.  Erin Fae delighted the security guards with her excitement to the extent that they pointed her out to other guards, explaining that she came allllll the way from NYC and all she wanted to see was the Postal Museum.  Wonderful.

Day 358 - 7/20/08

On Sunday, we went to the US Botanic Garden, which Erin Fae and I had discovered on the Mall the previous day.  While going to a big glass building in 100 degree heat was a questionable choice, we had a really good time anyway.  In addition to beautiful and diverse gardens, the permanent exhibits were fantastic!  We were delighted by tactile and sensory Plants in Culture exhibit, where we pretended to be bees, smelling giant flowers that contained herbs, spices, and other plants that provide the base of perfumes or meals.

Shane is a BeeErin Fae is a beeI am a bee

The exhibits managed to be engaging for children while not condescending to adults.  The other permanent exhibit explained How Plants Work in both clear and scientific terms.  I also found my favorite museum sign to date:


Big City Moments

So I just left work to walk to a doctor’s appointment – only to get to K Street and discover that it’s blocked off between 19th and 21st – cop cars, police line tape, the whole shebang.  I asked a friendly officer what was going on, and he said that there was a suspicious package, and could we all please move off the street corner.  Back to work for me!

We’ve been overrun with family visitors for the last two weekends, so our apologies for the dearth of posts – I’m on my way out the door right now, but I wanted to pop over and say GO NATS!