Things I’m Into Lately

(I’m sorry for all the lists. That seems to be the way my brain is functioning these days.)

  • Homemade bread using the always reliable Naked Chef recipe. I know several people who swear by the no-knead, but the tactile pleasure of kneading, rolling, reshaping, kneading, rising, etc is about half of the joy of homemade bread for me.
  • My thesis. It’s no so much that I’m into it as I’m pretty committed to it, and feeling good about it, and that’s more than I can say about some previous relationships. The first draft is done, and I’m on to the second!
  • Snow! I was feeling disjointed because we haven’t had ANY (other than a few flurries) all winter, and then the weather obliged with big fat flakes this morning.
  • Inching towards omnivorousness. Whenever SB has beef, I have a bite or two. Maybe by the next time we go to Good Stuff, I’ll be able to eat a burger all by myself. Baby steps!
  • Making tasty things, then stretching them to last for a week’s worth of meals.  Tonight I made something resembling Tom Kha soup from a recipe Laurie sent me.  Leftovers are your friend when going home for lunch isn’t an option.
  • Being a homebody. Maybe I’m just in a nesting kind of mood, but I find myself craving being at home whenever I’m not. This might be related to the bread-making, or to the hour I spent writing letters in our sunlit bedroom, or how damned cute our cats are, or to the fact that this winter won’t make up its mind whether it’s staying or going.

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