Sea Legs

I started my job in the District yesterday, which also means that I started commuting by Metro yesterday. So far the following things have happened in the course of my commute:

  • Almost got hit by an SUV while crossing Columbia Pike
  • Got on the 16G bus going in the wrong direction
  • Saw a roach on the 41 bus
  • Lots of stopping and starting on the Orange (kind of like stop-and-start traffic, except on a train)

I assume at some point I’ll get my sea legs and won’t get tossed around in the Metro quite as much – when I was in New York, I envied Erin Fae’s ability to just stand in the aisle and not move, whereas I fell all over the place.  It was the same case this morning – with every stop and start, I had to adjust my stance to keep from crashing into the nice woman reading the paper in front of me.  I wonder if this has to do with one’s center of gravity – or if perhaps this is some sort of innate thing that comes from years of train-riding.  Hmm.

0 thoughts on “Sea Legs

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  2. The ability to balance on a moving train will come over time. You will greatly appreciate this when it is 95 outside and 80% humidity and your face is directly under very sweaty underarms that you do not want to get buried in. There was talk in Chicago of attempting a fashion show on the red line by some urban designer, I don’t know if it ever happened, but I couldn’t imagine trying to walk a cat walk down a moving “l” car.

    Yay for public transport! I love it’s challenges.


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