Mass Transit, part two

Remember how I was in love with DC’s mass transit?  Today it can suck it.

Item #1: suicidal bus drivers.  I have no idea what compels the drivers of the 22A to play NASCAR between the hours of 5pm-7pm, but my ride home has gotten consistently worse, and one of these days I really am going to either get tossed out of my seat entirely or throw up on someone.  Really, really sick of it.

Item #2: sinkholes.  Shane just waited in the 20mph wind (with gusts up to 35mph) for 45 minutes for a bus that was delayed by a sinkhole that apparently didn’t affect any of the other drivers on the road.  He’s on his way home from a conference in Beltsville, MD – about 25 miles away – and it’s easily going to take him two hours to get home.

Sea Legs

I started my job in the District yesterday, which also means that I started commuting by Metro yesterday. So far the following things have happened in the course of my commute:

  • Almost got hit by an SUV while crossing Columbia Pike
  • Got on the 16G bus going in the wrong direction
  • Saw a roach on the 41 bus
  • Lots of stopping and starting on the Orange (kind of like stop-and-start traffic, except on a train)

I assume at some point I’ll get my sea legs and won’t get tossed around in the Metro quite as much – when I was in New York, I envied Erin Fae’s ability to just stand in the aisle and not move, whereas I fell all over the place.  It was the same case this morning – with every stop and start, I had to adjust my stance to keep from crashing into the nice woman reading the paper in front of me.  I wonder if this has to do with one’s center of gravity – or if perhaps this is some sort of innate thing that comes from years of train-riding.  Hmm.