More Coffee Reporting

Continuing my survey of coffee joints in the greater Arlington area, I visited Hot Shotz, which is less than a block from the Clarendon Metro stop.  It was weirdly quiet for being adjacent to a shopping district and a Metro stop, even with the whole no-food-and-drink-on-the-Metro rule.  I had a distinctly mediocre au lait and spent about two hours in a reasonably comfortable chair using sketchy wireless and trying to figure out the source of the old people smell.  No luck in the latter, and I really see no need to go there again.

So, as I mentioned, I started my job in the District this week.  One of my concerns in starting said job is that there’s a $tarbuck$ (see, SB, two can play that game) in the ground floor, which to me means that no real coffeeshops will be anywhere nearby.  I’ve found that this is not entirely true – but I’m still not going to dissuade my Champaign friends from sending me coffee.  I have, instead, started getting my morning coffee from my friend The Coffee Man, who has a little cart just down the block.  I have no idea what the actual name of his establishment is, but I’m quite pleased that he is there.

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  2. Coffee cart coffee is the best. My addiction started in high school with the coffee cart guy at the train station. He put the cream and sugar in first, then poured the coffee over it. Soooo yummy.


  3. This may not be true in all urban areas, but at least in Seattle the arrival of a Starbucks often hails the coming of a decent coffee shop to go with it. It turns out that Starbucks does a lot of research to determine where a coffee shop would succeed, then local chains or privately own coffee shops take note and open a place across the street. Both end up doing well because there is the demand for coffee in that area, but there are plenty of people who would prefer not to go into Starbucks.

    Of course, that may just be a Seattle thing, where the demand for coffee is a tad above average.


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