P90E Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

After Monday’s workout, I felt pretty good!  Sure, I could barely do any of the push-up type moves, but I rolled and banana’d and lunged my way through the rest of it without feeling like I was going to barf.  I had a bit of residual soreness on Tuesday – just enough to remind me that I’d used muscles I don’t use very often.  I was feeling good!

And then came the 3.25 mile run home.  As I mentioned, I’m subbing in running for the Cardio X, Kenpo X, and Yoga X workouts, with progressively longer distances and/or intervals as the week goes on.  I headed east from work and looped around the track at Palmer Field, where I expect to start running intervals on Thursday.  At some point between Kerrytown and home, my belly started aching.  Was I hungry? Was this runner’s gut?  No.  This was CORE SYNERGISTICS coming back to haunt me.  Hello little core muscles!  Thanks for making it painful to cough, sneeze, or laugh!

Tonight I came straight home with my delicious farmers’ market goodies (sweet cherries, sour cherries, tomato, cabbage, and SMOKED FISH), plopped everything in the fridge, and hit the deck for Shoulders & Arms.  And man, did I bring it.  I’m still figuring out the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells, but I did my best and upped the weight on most of my second sets.  I even did the bonus round, grunting my way through the last few reps.  I am going to be S O R E tomorrow!

After checking in with Shane on dinner, I tried my best to bring it with Ab Ripper X, but only made it about halfway through before I had a danger sign: my hip popped.  This isn’t uncommon for me, but does give me a very legitimate reason to pause the workout.  I’m going to have to figure out how to make this work.

Days 2 and 3: Brought.


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