0606 Race-Day Swamp Monster Soup

I ran my second 5K of the year this morning: the annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run.  I had intended to run the 10K, but an injury a few weeks ago has kept me sidelined, and this was the longest run I’ve managed in a few weeks.  As always, the best part of running a race is the post-race food – in this case, loads of fruit, pizza (weird, right?), and piles and piles of thick slices of bread from Zingerman’s.  Suffice to say that after a banana and a few (ahem) slices of dense chocolate-y bread with dried fruit and chocolate chunks, I didn’t need to eat much for the rest of the day.

The aftermath of last night’s storm left today pretty gray and dismal, so soup seemed like a good fit, what with my morning indulgence and my drawer full of produce.  This soup from Orangette looked easy and refreshing – the sort of thing I could make while doing laundry, knitting, and watching Law & Order, which was all I could really muster after two days of non-stop activity.

Alas, I’m not sure it was worth even that little effort.  It’s not like the soup was bad – it was just very green and kind of thin – like a good spinach dip that had been significantly watered down.  Part of the problem was likely related to the fact that I used an immersion blender – too many kitchen explosions or soupy messes on record with soup in the food processor – which resulted in a weird, kind of slimy consistency.  There were good flavors, and I’ll do my best to finish the leftovers, but I won’t be making this again.

Spinach and Green Garlic Soup from Orangette


0 thoughts on “0606 Race-Day Swamp Monster Soup

  1. Why would an immersion blender make for a different consistency? A blender is a blender, right? More info please.


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