0529 Summer is here!

I made my inaugural trip to the market on my moped this morning.  Let me tell you – the ‘ped is the way to go.  Parking at the market is nightmareish.  Kerrytown parking is bad in general, but finding a parking spot on Saturday morning is almost as bad as trying to find a spot in Dupont on market day.  Seriously.

But let’s get back to the happy, shall we?  The market was bumpin’ at 7:30, Karl was taking pictures for Real Time Farms, and I filled my Trucker all the way up to the top with good stuff: donuts and Roos Roast, tiny pickling cucumbers, pattypan squash, strawberries, and 2nds tomatoes.  2nds tomatoes!  Totally beautiful, sweet, and with only small blemishes.  This gives me hope for our garden, and for a summer’s worth of good eating.


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