0117 Roast chicken and braised brussels (again)

So it turns out that we like brussels sprouts. A lot. A lot as in we braised a pound of ’em tonight using the same recipe as on Thursday, and ate the whole damned thing. I think we have a winning recipe here!

The sprouts weren’t intended to be the main event, though.  Using a Nigel Slater-inspired recipe, we roasted one of the chickens procured from Back 40 Acres in the late fall.  I rubbed the bird down with salt, pepper, rosemary, and olive oil, then sliced a head of garlic in half horizontally and stuffed it in the cavity.  The bird roasted breast-up for 45 minutes at 400 degrees, then Shane flipped it over and roasted it another 45 minutes breast-down.  A quick (and thick) pan gravy pulled it all together, and as Mina frantically ran from one of us to the other, begging for bites, we enjoyed a really satisfying and hearty meal.

(I know, I know, I didn’t post yesterday – it was my birthday, see, and I have some pretty remarkable stuff to talk about – I’m just waiting for the pictures to make it all pop, so to speak.  Stay tuned!)


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