Among other things, I’ve been getting much more into crafting lately.  Tina and Sonya and I started a craft blog recently and are hoping to Etsy it up after the holidays (though the holidays are really the ideal time to Etsy something up).  Last weekend Soy and I spent a great deal of quality time just hanging around our hotel room in Pacific Grove, watching bad TV and working on projects.  She knit pretty things, and I cross-stitched a freakin’ pineapple:


This weekend Tina and I went to Knit Happens’s knit for the troops event at Buzz – well, it was supposed to be at Buzz, but it ended up being at Rustico (we had cupcakes anyway).  Tina made a valiant effort to help me remember how to knit, but it was to no avail.  I have basically forgotten how to knit.  To prove this, here’s a video of Major General Doug Stone knitting a helmet liner, and me attempting to knit and then purl a swatch.  The General located two other Marines in the bar before he left, and I’m (dis)pleased to note that they were both knitting by the end of the afternoon.  Me?  I have a pattern, some new needles and yarn, and two left thumbs.

Today I intended to finish our living room curtains (they need to be shortened, hemmed, and hung), but failed on that project as well.  I measured and shortened one panel, jammed up my machine trying to put in a new hem (I blame the bobbin), then gave up and just used the fusible web to hem it up…only to realize that it’s STILL too long.  Ugh.

What I did manage to do, though, is make a scarf holder out of the curtain remnants!

Fabric Scarf Holder

I saw this project on Apartment Therapy last week and got excited because it looked quick and easy and like it’d be a fun way to manage colorful pretty things that I have IN ABUNDANCE.  It’s basically just a length of fabric with pretty ribbon loops:


But hey!  It’s pretty, and I made it, and now at least a few of our scarves are hanging up.  I’ll have to work on other versions to manage things like belts in our bedroom closet.

Right now though?  Bed.  Or maybe tea, then bed.


0 thoughts on “Crafty-Pants

  1. I love your little cross stitch stocking! I love cross stitch and haven’t done any in way too long.

    Thank you so much for coming out to knit with the General. I can tell you he had a fabulous time and wants to do this again. And, I promise you, if you are willing I can teach you how to knit….truly. The lesson is on me 🙂


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