Election Blues

Whatever your political persuasion, I hope that by now you realize that this is a critically important election, and that your vote is important.  I voted in person absentee last week, which was tremendously exciting!  The election judges said that they’d had 50-100 people through in the previous hour – which is pretty remarkable, given that it was still two weeks before the election, and it was the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday.

It’s been exciting living in a swing state this year, though it looks pretty clear which way VA will be swinging this time around.  We’ve had at least two canvassers come by when we were home, and SB has gotten LOTS of calls from the Obama campaign looking for volunteers.  The other side’s been leaving us alone, and that’s just fine with me, though I did laugh at the little dog at the farmers’ market wearing a McCainine shirt.

Last weekend we decided to do our part to support Obama and spent some time phone-banking at an Arlington volunteer center.  I hate – HATE – cold-calling, but I sucked it up and war-dialed 90 people in an hour and a half.  Of that 90 people, I actually spoke with maybe 10 – but SB had better luck, and on the whole it was a rewarding experience.  Towards the end of our shift, the vice chair of the DNC and MANDY PATINKIN showed up to thank the volunteers, which was super random but also a neat surprise:

Mandy Patinkin!

But seriously, folks.  Go vote on Tuesday.  It’s really, really important.  And then let’s stop talking about the election because while I’m excited, I’m also really sick of it.

0 thoughts on “Election Blues

  1. Aw man… I’ve volunteered a few times now, and I have YET to see Mandy Patinkin.

    I hope VA swings blue this year… I’m sure NoVa is all about it… but there are LOTS of places around here that aren’t terribly Obama friendly. Not that I haven’t been trying!


  2. It kind of reminds of Christmas, everyone is simultaneously excited and stressed and ready for it to be here and yet ready for it to be over at the same time. Of course, that’s Christmas for adults, not kids.


  3. I’ve been wanting to do the phonebanking, but am also apprehensive about cold calling. Is there a set script you work from? Do they have you just check to see if people are voting, or do you get into discussions where you have to explain the platform? I just don’t want to screw it up if I do it.


  4. mandy patinkin!?!? man, i don’t know how many times i listened to ‘evita’ when i was a kid…i would have squealed, haha. not to mention ‘dead like me’! ok, i’ll stop squealing now.

    it’s cool that you guys volunteered…we’re thinking about catching the election night thing in chicago (grant park, i think) with the obamas and the bidens.


  5. Holy shit mate, Hollywood celebrities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious and amazing. Australia loves Obama, I wish we could vote.


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