happy birthday, mark

Good Lord, moving is a pain in the arse. I could’ve told you that several times over – but this time it’s almost worse. At least when we moved into the house we had places to put our stuff – now I’m moving by carload – and each carload has to sit in my car until I can get to Sarah and Hannah’s. Which means that the stuff in my car will have to sit there until Friday night at the earliest. Ugh. I super appreciate Nate letting me come by last night – and all the packing he and Joe have done for me – but it still sucks to have yet another week with my car full of crap. And it’s not like my stuff has a home – it will just sit in the garage until I find a home. Which I am no
closer to than I was a week ago.

Reason #4,098,531 to love my sister: she brought me donuts from Edwards Apple Orchard.

Started reading The Gunslinger from The Dark Tower series last night after Dan AND Jim AND Shawn recommended it. Actually I wasn’t totally won over until Shawn sent the books home with me. Who am I to argue with loaned books? Really. Thus far it’s good – fairly engrossing, though some plot points are a bit plodding. I suppose I should just be grateful that there are no cars from another dimension…..yet.

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