not a family birthday

An interview from the terrific James:
1. If you could have one of the following powers, which would you choose: the ability to play all musical instruments as soon as you pick them up OR the ability to speak all foreign languages at will.
You know, that’s a tough one. I would really, really like to be a musical prodigy – but I think being able to speak any foreign language at will would be a more practical power. So really, as I don’t seem to be destined for rock stardom, I’m going with the languages. At least that’ll increase the chances of getting laid. đŸ™‚
2. What was the first song you ever remember slow dancing to?
Oh lord. I remember “Hotel California” being on right when we walked in to Homecoming my Junior year. It was my first real dance – the gym looked amazing – and I had a great time. I do not, however, remember slow dancing so much as I remember all of us standing in a circle with our arms around each other singing along with “American Pie.” There must’ve been slow dances then and at other dances – but the first one I really remember was dancing with Dustin to “Wonderful Tonight” at Prom my Senior year.
3. When was the last time you laughed for so long that your stomach or face hurt? What was so funny?
I never laugh as much as I do when I’m around Amanda. The night before the housewarming party she and I laughed until we nearly pissed ourselves – about everything. One highlight: at one point we discovered that this giant grasshopper had taken up residence in my office. We tried to kill it. I smacked it down off the ceiling, then it proceeded to hop/fly away. Some manic smacking ensued, at which point it appeared to be dead. I scooped it up and put it in the trash – only to glance over half an hour later and see the fucker climbing back out of the trash! Amanda put on my shoe and stomped the hell out of it – we decided that if it came back to life, we were going to worship it. It didn’t, but we laughed a lot.
4. Would you rather be able to speed read or read lips?
Speed read, definitely. I’m sure reading lips has its benefits – but if I can’t hear what people are saying, chances are I don’t need to.
5. If you could move to any other state in the union, where would you move to and why?
I would really like to live on both coasts, but haven’t settled on any particular state. I haven’t done enough traveling as an adult to really get a feel for places that would suit me. Unfortunate but true. Any recommendations?

Heidi has started a blog! Hoo-rah! Welcome to the blogging world, kid.

Today I am officially tired of being a girl. The things that go along with being a girl suck so much at times. I won’t go into the fun little biological details – just, I get sick of having a female body sometimes. Not that I’d want to be a boy – just, whatever.

Ursula linked to this article, which sums up quite a quandary in my life and the lives of many people around me – the blogging world, if you will. What is public and what should be kept private? Believe it or not, there are a lot of things I keep just for me – things that I’m dying to write about yet I know this isn’t the right forum. One thing I’ve definitely learned in my year and a half of blogging is to choose my words wisely. Again, you might not believe that given the length of entries these days – but I do. I’ve written about things that were wholly inappropriate – and that has hurt people. I’m sorry. I’m trying to find the boundary line, and sometimes I stray over it. Please let me know if I do.

Not much else to report today, I guess. I had an exciting trip to the grocery store last night – my first real visit to Woodman’s. I’m a grocery tourist. It’s true. I had been to the liquor department there but never the actual grocery store part. Wicked exciting. I read more of The Gunslinger after talking to Sarah and Shawn, then went to bed early. Exciting times, these.

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