12 Books, 12 Months: FAIL

What can I say?  I fell behind as a reader and a convener.  Out of my list of 12, I finished 3 books, 2 half books, and 1 book that I swapped in for a book I found I didn’t own.  41% completion rate ain’t bad, right?  Right?

No, actually, it is kind of bad.  Especially since it was my challenge, my rules, my project.  Oh well.  It’s not like I haven’t had anything else to do this year: teaching and course prep took the place of the hours spent knitting and watching TV.  A new commitment to running and fitness took the place of evenings spent in the tub with a book.  I started a new and demanding job, and found myself with little energy to do anything besides crossword puzzles by the end of the day.  I also joined a book club, and given the choice between finishing a book I have to post about and finishing a book I’ll discuss over snacks with my friends, I’ve chosen the latter.

And I have been reading – books from my shelf, books on the Kindle, and the interminable pile of magazines from the nightstand and the bathroom basket.  I’ve been shedding books through GoodReads and the occasional shipment to Powell’s.  So that’s something.  Thanks to those of you who have played along for the last year – I’ll be writing the roundup soon.  It’s been a fun year, and, paradoxically, I’m newly excited about reading now that I’m not committed to a list.


0 thoughts on “12 Books, 12 Months: FAIL

  1. Whew, I was just about to post my blog entry admitting defeat. Glad I’m not the only one. I too am energized into shedding books. There is a book donation box by our grocery store and I try to bring at least one book a week to drop off.


  2. Right there with you. More hours at work = brain dead at home. But I am very excited about starting a new fitness habit and that might actually lead to more reading even! This was still a great idea for a book reading discussion. I enjoyed everyone’s posts even if I didn’t end up following through myself.


  3. Indeed. Where did the year go? I barely managed to finish my list. Like you, life has been very busy, and also the fact I read a lot by serendipity does help when you have a fixed list. It’s the “ooh, shiny, that other book looks more interesting and fits my mood better at this time” syndrome. In the end, we do what we can. You do note you still get a lot of reading to do, so that can only be a good thing.

    Best, and keep on blogging.


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