disorganization: Libraries are apparently going to be a big pop…


Libraries are apparently going to be a big pop culture trend, you guys !

Tell me, is anyone else sick of this shit? I spent a lot of time and money on getting an MSLS and I didn’t do that to get reduced to a trend in line with cupcakes. I also didn’t do it so I could be taken less seriously because some fuckin’ nerds with nothing better to do during work hours could make a foolish Gaga video. Listen, dorks: if you wanna make a stupid video, do it on your own time — not while you’re at work, showin’ yo’ ass in front of the stacks. Do not associate your ridiculousness with libraries, because that affects the rest of us who are trying to, I don’t know, make a goddamned living and possibly get a job outside of libraries one day (QUELLE HORREUR OMG). You’re the reason why we get stories like this that slowly erode the credibility of this field — the tone of this article patronizing as hell, yo! Do you want that? Do you think reporters write about doctors and lawyers like this? No, they do not. They just do it to us. Because of what a few of us put out there, we all suffer. So THINK BEFORE YOU DORK, LIBRARIANS. Be a little more professional. And for Chrissakes, stop writing papers about Facebook.

This. Except that I think there was merit in the work we did on Facebook almost 3 years ago.  But that was almost 3 years ago.


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