Marshmallow love

When we scrapped our Christmas plans two years ago to take turns staying home with a sick Sid, I got it in my head that the next best thing to seeing all of our nearest and dearest was to bake Christmas cookies.  A lot of ’em.  I also thought it would be a good idea to make homemade marshmallows, so we bought the supplies, used up the powdered sugar, and promptly forgot about making marshmallows for two years – except for when we’d pull out the bottle of light corn syrup and say “why do we have this again?”.

A couple of weeks ago, Shana asked about good hot chocolate with marshmallows on Twitter, which prompted me to dig out the marshmallow recipe and actually take the (sweet, sticky, wonderful) suckers on.  The results?


Delicious.  We can’t stop eating them.  I think Shane has been making hot chocolate strictly as an excuse to have extra marshmallows.  I know I have been.  We’ll be sending our dental bills to Orangette.


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