I was away from the computer all day yesterday, so I missed out on posting my list of the things for which I’m thankful. In no particular order:

  • coffee (as nurturing as mother’s milk for the over-tired adult)
  • a pretty freakin’ good life with a great partner, cool cats, and a new city that we’re really enjoying
  • relative financial stability, thanks to savings, a good job for SB, and part time jobs that keep me hoppin’
  • continued good health for my family, including my grandparents who are still navigating the stairs in their split level house at 91 and 89
  • finding friends and community through SELMA
  • eligibility for insurance as SB’s “Other Qualifying Adult”
  • losing enough weight in the last couple of years to fit perfectly into my aunt’s wool skirts from high school and my grandma’s party dresses from the 60s = major vintage clothing haul from the Bon Ton Fesenmeyer
  • connecting with friends over this long weekend – Jason and Sonya in Iowa (4th Thanksgiving in a row!), then (almost) the rest of the GSLIS crew in Chicago tomorrow night
  • a new brother in law and our first niece or nephew on the way for a spring delivery!
  • lots of options for local between the farmers’ market, the co-op, and Plum Market
  • a puffy fluffy green jacket to get me through the winter, especially as I hear it snowed this morning in A2
  • the safe arrival of Milo!
  • rediscovering knitting, improving the x-stitch, and figuring out my sewing machine
  • so many ways to stay connected to all the people we love in all corners of the country and the planet

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