6 September 2008

It rained and rained and rained and rained.  We did a few errands and acquired the following things: bike stands (2) (1 will be returned), Cool Whip in a can, kitchen rug, more compact salad spinner for $2.99.  Oh the things that our ancestors had to do without – Cool Whip in a can!

We unpacked the rest of the books and kitchen things, and Paola came by to pick up our boxes after work – it’s so nice to have that corner completely empty!  There are boxes of miscellany left of course, but Paola said that it looks like we’ve been here forever instead of just a week.

David and Mary Clare took advantage of the rainy day to make chili and had us over for dinner – we brought cupcakes and some of the strawberries that I froze earlier in the summer and the aforementioned Cool Whip in a can.  Everything was fantastic, including losing at Killer Bunnies and also Wii Bowling.

I’ve been here just shy of a year, and I’m so glad that we have a place that finally feels like home, a neighborhood where we’re comfortable, and friends enough to fill a whole weekend with plans.


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