“Able Glass Note” by The Poem Adept

If you come to California, I can offer up my room. The light is bad and the phone is dead but I’ll be here with you. When you cut away the postage, and you read the words I write, I hope you’re safe and in a place where you can listen right.

When I tell you you’re a fighter and a staying hand and both can’t hold the same sword, maybe if you realign your heart and mind neither will belie you.

I watched the mile markers passing while your friend just played a muse, from Burlingame to San Jose and on to Santa Cruz. I thought about you leaving and the way you said goodbye like I was best a love note left for someone else to find.

Let me tell you that I have regrets but I will let you in before I shut you put. ‘Cause when the stabbing’s done and the blood has run you’re still all that I think about. We’ve been so unwise and compromised I don’t know how to let things fall. So it’s your turn now to speak or let fate decide it all.

If you come to California, we can give our life some thought and never to each other do the things that friends do not.


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  1. that’s really beautiful. i love references to california for some reason. a bit depressing, but such is life sometimes.

    wilco: “what would we be without wishful thinking”


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