Last night’s NaNo write-in was a lot of fun – Sarah, Shawn, Michelle, Emily, and Kathryn all brought food – we had quiche, an egg casserole, soup, cheese (yay, cheese!), crab dip, and brownies. Yum. Lots of writing and insanity ensued, and everyone’s a little further ahead.

Two days away from the GRE and I’m flat out terrified. Maybe I’d be less scared if I was doing any sort of preparation – but between writing and friends and food and all of that, I just haven’t had much awake time at the computer. I suppose I should stay home tonight instead of going to the MFA reading – but maybe I’ll just stay up and play with it afterwards.

The novel is coming, but slowly. At times it’s cathartic, and at others it’s just damned difficult. Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah, cos I want the things I write to have weight and meaning – and cos I can’t write things that don’t. Which isn’t to say that the fun and crazy things my friends are writing are of any less value than my novel – just, I think I would get distracted and not be able to concentrate on something that didn’t have personal weight and value. But that’s just me.

Sarah’s putting Acadia up for adoption, as it were. I feel so bad for her – she’s agonized over this decision for so long – but I do think she’s doing the right thing. It will be hard and sad and a different type of exhaustion – but I think in the long run it will be the right thing.

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