In which Shane hates on my dreams.

In which Shane hates on my dreams.


Birthday wish list

I wouldn’t mind finding any of the following under my birthday tree:

  • noise-canceling headphones, as my new office has several loud people who like to be loud
  • a soft and warm robe for first thing in the morning when it is very cold in our house
  • legwarmers that will fit my lower thighs, knees, and upper calves so that I can keep wearing skirts to work
  • yaktrax for safe winter walking
  • a rollerskating party with friendos
  • a postcard or letter from you!

If money were no object…

I would like the following:

  • Over the top vet services to fix whatever’s ailing Basil
  • new knee socks like these or these or these or these or these
  • knee high brown boots like these, only not $500, but I guess if we’re talking money as no object, then $500 is fine
  • Jamón ibérico
  • better baking pans
  • a new winter coat
  • a clothesline in the basement
  • Brother Thelonious
  • new running tights and shoes, neither of which will be optional if I keep this up
  • David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries
  • a Buzz cupcake

I pulled out my fabric tonight so that Shane could pick out something for a Scrabble bag – the opaque plastic one that came with the game is falling apart despite diligent applications of duct tape – and I realized that I haven’t done any crafting whatsoever since the holidays, which made me sad.  It also made me realize that I have been pretty diligent on my project, even though I feel like a big ol’ slacker sometimes.  This then made me think of all the things I’m looking forward to doing once the thesis is done, despite the fact that I’ll still be taking a class until the beginning of May:

  1. Make a cute apron for ME with the Olivia fat quarter.
  2. Sew cat toys for our Etsy shop.
  3. X-stitch!  I don’t know what, but I want to stitch it!
  4. Spend an entire glorious day watching Long Way Round – I bought the box set as a “congratulations, you did it!” present to myself.
  5. Read for pleasure.
  6. Ride yellowbike.
  7. Daydream about our garden if we get one.
  8. Spend quality time with friendos without feeling guilty.
  9. Beat Shane at Scrabble.
  10. Explore parts of DC that we still haven’t seen.

I’m sure there are other things, but that’s what springs to mind at the moment.  Less than a month to go!

Winning the Lottery

I walked to the dealership this morning – three miles or so – I could’ve gotten a ride, but I had nothing else to do, so I walked. It was really nice – warm and sunny with a great breeze. I talked to Jen for a long time. I retrieved my car, then went to Friar Tuck’s – it was a liquor wonderland! I need to win the lottery so I can go on random spending sprees. On the top of my random lottery winning spending spree list:

  • wine – before I moved I was going to have a cellar. Now I just have two bottles on a shelf.
  • lingerie – I’m seized with the desire to buy a lot of pretty silky lacy things.
  • sandals – two pairs from last summer are now defunct, plus I need flip-flops.
  • new jeans – hip huggers?

Anyway, got out of there with one bottle of wine – Evolution, which has hella great packaging and was advertised as a good choice for Easter (appreciate the irony, kids) – and Skyy vodka cosmo mix. Tasty. I had big plans to play in the park, but I ended up online talking with Jen for a while, then napped for hours and hours – from 3-7. I kept stirring from sleep, thinking I should go play outside, then snuggling back down into my bed.

And tonight? Ice cream and movies and a cosmo. The cats are asleep next to me. I was hoping to hear from the boy, but I probably won’t until he gets home. I’m going to watch He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (I heart Audrey Tautou) and maybe The Thomas Crown Affair (love it). Tomorrow the girls and I might go to breakfast, then I will have laundry and reading in the park. I wish I could take a photo of the view from my bed – all sunshine and green. It makes me smile so much.