For Your Hump Day Reading Pleasure

I present a carefully curated list of the best Wikipedia wormholes my internet acquaintances have to offer. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you if your Wednesday morning productivity takes a significant hit.

Brane Theory
English Royal Family
Feral Children
Glenn Danzig
Grand Unified Theory
Heel (Professional Wrestling)
Irish Travelers
Iron Lung
John Munch
Limnic Eruption
Lists of Animals
List of Cognitive Biases
List of Constructed Languages
List of Ghost Ships
List of Hairstyles
List of Keytarists
Lists of Lists
List of People Who Have Disappeared
List of Sexually Active Popes
List of Shipwrecks
Particle Physics
Professional Wrestling Attacks
Progressive Rock
Rat King
Rogue Wave
Roy Sullivan
Serial Killers
Stockholm Syndrome
Ultimate Fate of the Universe
Unseen Character
White Bread