The House of Winds

So here I am at the house of winds. I decided awhile ago that when my site started getting in the excess of 200 hits per week, I would buy my own domain. So I did. Welcome to the House of Winds. For those of you who have this site bookmarked or linked, please update your links to Thank you.

Watched the Oscars last night while reading the paper and making cards. SO happy about Nicole Kidman’s win, though I think she was almost more deserving last year. She was – luminous – as Virginia Woolf. I was so anxious about her playing my beloved Virginia – but when I saw her I just gasped. She was her – and wasn’t. And the scene in the train station was exactly what I imagined. At the same time, I’m glad The Hours didn’t win for best picture – it was remarkable – but not entirely what (I believe) Michael Cunningham intended. Catherine Zeta-Jones was absolutely radiant – let’s hope she doesn’t name this one Oscar. 🙂 Adrian Brody nearly made me cry. I was so happy for him. And Eminem and Roman Polanski – WOW!!!! Who saw those coming?

Lovely weekend. Friday night we grilled out at Chuck & Michelle’s – Saturday I cleaned and had a fabbo Stampin Up party. Spent too much money on stamps and other goodies, but got 3 sets free and $45 in free stuff, so that’s not too bad.

Yes, I’m avoiding the war. I’m actually avoiding all coverage that I can. I watched some of the “Shock and Awe” show Friday night – and it was all I could do to keep from crying. Cait had some really sage and intelligent things to say about it the other day. And pray for peace – peace and a swift return of those who love us and whom we love – of those fighting for freedom, for the country we love. Whatever your feelings about the war – you can still pray for peace.

baking day

Today I’m baking bread and cookies. I got up early and made the bread dough before work and did the kneading on my lunch break – good timing cos I had a bastard customer right before I went to lunch. He made me so angry that my hands were literally shaking. I just wanted to scream! Instead I took deep breaths and helped the customer – and then came home and abused my bread. The bread looks OK – I haven’t tried it yet – but it is making my kitchen smell remarkable.

State of the Union address tonight. President Bush is saying good things – but will there be follow-through?

I spent today reading Another Girl at Play. It is such an amazing site – but also somewhat depressing for someone like me, wanting to follow her dreams but not knowing what they are – dying to live a creative life but stuck in the routines of a job that I don’t dislike but that systematically and thoroughly stifles the creative urge. Go there. Read the stories. They’re amazing. You will feel better about your dreams – and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get that glimmer of hope that’s needed to break out.