A2 Update!

We’ve been here a month, and some folks are wondering what sorts of shenanigans we’ve been up to. I’ll summarize in brief, and maybe be more vigilant about posting in the future.

Work: Shane started his job on Aug. 31 and seems to like it so far.  He’s going to a lot of meetings, taking a couple of fitness classes through UM, and getting burgers on Thursday with a regular crew from the office.  UM seems to be treating him well, which is a very good thing!  Shortly after starting, we discovered that I can be covered on his insurance as his Other Qualifying Adult, which is pretty awesome indeed – especially because I’m in my 6th week of being unemployed.

Job Hunt: I have applied for what feels like a bajillion jobs since leaving GW, interviewed for two, and been turned down for one (minimum wage = wah).  I am persevering, though, and am hopeful that something will come up soon.  Having just one income has meant a lot of conversations about money, long-term plans, etc – big and sometimes scary stuff to deal with.  I am incredibly thankful for Shane’s good job and for his support.  Being unemployed has also meant a lot of time to spend on things like sewing, running, and volunteering, all of which I’ll write more about later.

Wedding: we were due to get married on Oct. 10, but as previously mentioned, those plans were suspended when we decided to move here.  Now we’re talking about a spring wedding, maybe in Cleveland, maybe involving a lot of mimosas.  Stay tuned for more info!

Cats: Basil has been barfing up a storm for the last couple of days, but after a trip to the very affordable vet (no seriously – 59 bones covered the office visit and two kinds of meds), I think it might be under control.  The cats seem to be digging the new place and spend a lot of time stalking the squirrel that torments them by hanging out in the tree by our front window.

Domesticity: We’ve been homebodies a lot this month because we’re trying to save money – but eating well because I’m a good little housewife.  Lots of roast chicken, homemade bread, soups, stuff like that.  The sudden turn in the weather means that there will be more of the same to stick to our bones in the coming months.

Adventures: When we do get out and about, though, it’s to do inexpensive and tasty things like:

  • splitting sandwiches at Zingerman’s – tonight we had the Rocco’s Revenge, the sandwich of the month for September
  • blueberry picking in Dexter – we picked a couple of pounds for a grand total of $4 (including a soda)
  • beers at Arbor Brewing Company – not the best brewpub or beer by any means, but it does the trick
  • breakfast at FM@SELMA – I’ve been volunteering here since we first landed in town, but last week was the first week we made it to breakfast – amazing pork shoulder with pepper sauce, cornbread, and fried eggs.  Mmmm.
  • volunteer at the Homegrown Festival – we helped with set up, then poured for Arcadia, drinking a lot of free beer and eating excellent food along the way

Shane also went on a pretty epic beer tour spanning four states with Mike and Bill, but I’ll let him tell you about that later.  He’s off to San Francisco on Saturday – I’ll be holding down the fort with Mina and barfcat and enjoying a visit from my sister and her husband for a few days.  What have YOU been up to?


10 September 2008

If there’s one thing that scares me more than public speaking, it’s cold calling.  I generally don’t like talking on the phone to begin with, much less talking on the phone with people I don’t know when I’m asking them for something.  Regardless, that’s how I spent a chunk of my morning – cold-calling building managers in the area on behalf of the farmers’ market near my work.

I’ve started reading a new book – Real Food by Nina Planck, daughter of two farmers that sell at the Courthouse market – and I suspect that I’m going to become even more insufferable when it comes to local eating.  So far it’s all about how ‘real food’ – the sorts of things that we humans have been eating for millennia – is in basically every way superior to the processed stuff that we now eat every day.  This coupled with an article that I read elsewhere (flaking on the source) about how we’ve commoditized home cooking has me extra inspired to think more purposefully about my eating beyond just thinking purposefully about the ingredients.

EDIT to add: Blogging Gastronomica: Convenience Food and Eating on the Go


Not going to Lollapalooza after all. We both have work to do, and it’s not going to do itself while we’re saving the environment. I guess we’ll just have to ride bikes and not contribute to global warming instead.


As of today, Shane and I will be wrapping up the music festival season at Lollapalooza. After the Lolla line-up was announced, I immediately regretted spending my festival money on things like Intonation and Bonnaroo. Now that it’s come and gone, I’m awfully glad I went to ‘Roo, but I was still drooling over tickets for Lolla – Iron & Wine, Sleater-Kinney, Gnarls Barkley, Stars, Aqualung, etc – but at $65+ fees for a single day and $150+ fees for the weekend, I just couldn’t swing it.

Enter a brilliant idea.

I signed up for the volunteer corps in late June, offering to help with recycling and various other trash-related things. At both ‘Roo and Intonation, Shane and I were disgusted by the amount of trash left on the ground, and spent a great deal of time picking it up. At ‘Roo, Sonya and I grabbed extra bags and collected trash after each band we watched. Add to that having just seen An Inconvenient Truth, and we’re all the more dedicated to saving the earth.

So imagine my delight when I got a call yesterday saying that they still needed people for the recycling team for ALL THREE DAYS of the festival! We’ll both be working three hour shifts, getting nifty Lolla volunteer shirts, and getting into the festival for free. What a way to end the summer!