good news bad news

Good news: My tax returns are done, and I’m getting $86 back from the state.
Bad news: I really do owe $1052.
Solution: Talk to my parents. My dad promised they wouldn’t leave me destitute on the street. I emailed them when I first suspected I would owe in, and now I’ve emailed them to see if they will loan me the money, to be repaid to them. I have a feeling they’ll be nicer creditors than the IRS.

Good news: I have a printer.
Bad news: I don’t have the cable that attaches the printer to the computer.
Solution: Trip to Best Buy just as soon as I finish my soup.

Good news: I got the paperwork from Nate.
Bad news: That means I have to pay the legal bills soon.
Solution: Sell my wedding rings. I was going to do this anyway, I placed the ad in the paper a couple of weeks ago, and today I’m seeing at least one person about them.

Bad news: I have bills due that I don’t have the money for, and I need groceries.
Good news: Mom sent me some money for Valentine’s Day to help with some bills and my car insurance. Breathing easy.
Double good news: Two proofreading/editing jobs in one weekend means $80 or so that I didn’t have before.

So things seem to be balancing themselves out. Something will go wrong, and then a solution will present itself. My money situation gets really tight, and proofreading work comes my way. I start stressing my relationship, and all sorts of lovely assurances come along. I am so, so blessed.

etc etc

A long day, and I’m ready for bed.

Have I mentioned I really enjoy working with Ron? He reminds me of Dan in some small ways – not the same sort of friendship by any means, but we can talk politics and issues and what-not. I appreciate that because so much of my branch seems to be whitebread. I’m coming to appreciate the people at work more and more – Mandy and I had a great convo yesterday about a lot of things, which I really enjoyed. Again, it’s not like working with Dan, with whom I could talk about anything, but it’s better than I expected.

The reading tonight was fun – some have been hit-or-miss, but this one seemed to be consistently good, including the poem about dead squirrels. Gotta love the squirrels.

No word on the taxes yet – the CPA is prepping them, then will call me and let me know. In a related note, my lawyer called today all in a panic that he’d dropped the ball – he was v. relieved to find out he was A-OK.

Rumor in the English department has it that my belov’d Shawn is dating a different Elizabeth from the department. Hmm. Do they know that Elizabeth was one of the most common names for baby girls in the late 70’s and early 80’s? Or maybe that there are people outside the department? I was both amused and bewildered – and secretly a little thrilled, because it means people know.

Speaking of which, there was a great Friends episode on the other night – the one where Phoebe meets Mike’s parents and is totally paranoid cos she’s never done the meet-the-parents thing, so puts on this totally pretentious accent and tries to impress them, going so far as to eat veal – only to have them back-stab her and have Mike come to her defense, telling her that he loves her. I mention that because I’m supposed to meet Shawn’s parents this weekend (maybe), and I’m terrified. That’s all.

on the owing-yet-more-money front

I am exhausted, and my back is aching. I must be storing all my stress there – or maybe the new pillows I got weren’t such a hot idea. Today will be a long day, and all I want to do is crawl back in bed with the boy.

8:15-8:45 Staff meeting
8:45-11ish Work
11ish-12ish Lunch
12ish-3:30 Work
3:30-3:45 Drive across town to meeting
3:45-4:45 “How Banks Work”
5:15 Get taxes done and find out how much I owe “the man”
6:00 Dinner with kids?
7:45 MFA reading at Bread Co., then out to the bars(?).

Yawn. That’s all I have to say. I’m going to have to skip on the going out, sadly enough. One, I don’t have the money, and two, I’m not going to be awake. I’ll be lucky if I stay up through the reading. Shawn fell asleep last time – so cute. 🙂

And on the owing-yet-more-money front, Nate IM’ed me last night to say that the paperwork is on its way. Just a little more time…..