Each season seems to have its own signature moment for me – sometimes there’s a new one each year, sometimes they carry over. One of my signature summer moments was swimming in the river two years ago with Eva – it was an unbearably hot June day, and we waded into the river still in our summer dresses. I floated on my back and looked at the clear summer sky, the sun drying my dress while still in the water. Fall is unexpected days off – sick days, usually – spent curled up in blankets on the couch drinking tea and watching bad TV. I was home sick on 9/11, and I remember watching Sweet November on pay per view just to get away from the constant coverage. A moment from this last winter – sitting in bed at Shawn’s, the two of us wearing his button-down long-sleeved shirts to stay warm despite the piles of blankets, reading in bed, playing on his laptop, and drinking coffee. Springtime – the first weekend it was really, really nice – walking from Shawn’s apartment to Aroma, and eating on the patio in the sunshine – people-watching and loving my new home all over again.

It’s still summer but the unseasonably cold weather has got me thinking about fall, about the changing leaves and apple cider and sweaters and curling up with my boy. I’m thinking about sick days on the couch with a mug of cocoa. I’m thinking about fuzzy tights. I’m almost ready to put my sandals away. The summer heat will come back, but I don’t think I want it to – not yet.

kid stuff

I love summertime. I love it. I’m not so good with the heat, but I love the sun and water and flowers and wearing dresses all the time WITHOUT tights or sweaters. I love that it’s 7:02pm and my apartment is still full of light. I have The Doors on – LOUD. My apartment smells like incense and fresh air. Tomorrow we’re going to Madison to go to the zoo. We’ll eat Nepali food and window shop on State Street – maybe it’ll be another magical clothes day – and I’m to get fitted for a bike at Erik The Bikeman’s place.

Tonight, however, I’m waiting for Nate to get home so we can have dinner at Old Chicago and then go see “Finding Nemo.” I’m wicked excited. Would be more excited if he were already here – but that’s OK. I’ve got stuff to do.

Still no sign of the damned W2s. I got a copy of ours from 2002 and mine from 2001 – but no sign of Nate’s. ugh.

Last chance on my ebay stuff. I think the auctions end tomorrow afternoon. Make me some money!
Spent all week talking about curvy girls and thinking improper thoughts. And how did I end up with “Pleasure Slave”? Ahh, summertime, when a young girl’s thoughts turn to, well, all kinds of scandalous things. mmm.