0831 Macaroni and Peas

Photo by The She-Creature
This photo reasonably approximates the state of our fridge right now, except with no eggs or cream cheese and a lot more beer and condiments, plus bags of carrots and onions from the garden tucked away in the crisper. No leftovers, save a half cup of cooked wheat berries. Replace that yogurt drink with the yogurt portioned out for breakfast and lunch.  And imagine me sticking my head in the fridge, looking for something – anything – for dinner.

We ended up with what I think of as a typical babysitting meal – you know, the sort of thing that parents can trust the neighborhood 14 year old to prepare – macaroni and cheese from a box topped with peas from the freezer.  Not even real cheese – the powder stuff from a packet, barely enriched with 1/4 cup skim milk.  We would’ve added butter, but we’re out of that.  We dug around for other enriching options, which is how we discovered that the cream cheese needed to go.  Despite this disparaging description, it was a perfectly fine meal, especially with the last two episodes of Sherlock Holmes for dessert.


What a freaking lovely weekend.

Friday was the same-old same-old – work, then a brief meeting in which we were all told to basically forget about having any days off in August. Boo. I went straight to Shawn’s after work – he was sleeping off a bout of bad snacking. Spent the evening in, watching movies and generally curling up. Sherlock: A Case of Evil was generally reterrible and featured Vince D’Onofrio as Moriarty, NOT as Holmes himself, as IMDB had advertised. Lame. Did you know that Sherlock was hooked on heroin thanks to Moriarty, and that he routinely got it on with multiple gorgeous girls? Hmm, news to me. Oh, and Mycroft (I think) totally stole Watson’s one joke. Maybe I wouldn’t be so indignant had I not read all the Holmes stories a couple of times. We also watched Quills, which I’ve wanted to see for a while. It was good – very good, though not something I can really see myself watching repeatedly. Geoffrey Rush was brilliant – he seems to be able to pull off the tortured genius bit better than just about anyone else in Hollywood.

Saturday we stayed in bed until late, then sat around on the porch for a while. We were a bit taken aback to make a new “friend” – a woman named Lisa stopped on her bike in front of the house, then came up on the porch and talked to us for a long time. It’s hard to find the happy medium between being rude and being nice when you are really taken aback and/or don’t want interruption. She eventually left, after I hedged a lot about where I lived and whether or not she could come visit me. Umm, no and no. Shortly thereafter, a carful of guys drove by and yelled “HIPPIE POWER” at me. This is an odd, odd town. We walked downtown in hopes of getting lunch at the Cowboy Monkey – it was a gorgeous afternoon, just the sort of day for eating outside. Too bad everyone in Champaign, even the ones not attending the Boneyard Arts Festival thought the same. Apparently Cowboy Monkey hadn’t planned accordingly, and ran out of food, as did a couple of other places. We ended up at Aroma – always a good time. I had the Turkey Jerk Wrap – not as spicy as I expected – and a mojito. Hooray for spring/summertime. Walked back to Shawn’s and chilled in bed for a while until early evening – mmm – and then went flip-flop shopping and to see Kill Bill V2, which was much better than I expected. The first volume was a non-stop bloodbath which, while aesthetically really nice in parts, had some serious continuity issues. Volume two was hokey at times, but felt like a much tighter film – oh, and Uma only kills one person this time around. We stopped at the diner for pie and coffee (which ended up being coffee and breakfast), and then turned in after some reading.

As Shawn mentioned, yesterday just kind of flowed into today. Both days have been characterized by the sort of torpor that sets in when it’s gorgeous out and you don’t feel like working. I finished Down and Out in Paris and London, then dragged myself off the couch around 3 as Shawn was hard at work. Did some shopping, then came home and made iced tea, and right now am curled up in a chair by one of my bedroom windows enjoying the fresh air. I bet if I tried I could access my network from outside, but this is almost as good. I will miss the view of the park when I move, but Shawn’s front porch can hardly be beat (well, except for the random crazies). In a little bit I’m going to try and plan my meals for the week, maybe blog on the book club page, get some stuff done around here, then head back over to Shawn’s for the belated 24.

I’m definitely taking Shawn’s apartment, despite my reservations about the fridge and the lack o’ tub. I’m sure if I looked I could’ve found a place more to my specifications, but it’s such a wearying and thankless thing to do that it hardly seems worth the effort. When I moved here Sarah did all the legwork, and for that I’m supremely grateful. I looked at a few places online, but every place in which I expressed interested ended up being way too expensive ($875 for a one bedroom above Boltini?!?!) or didn’t allow cats. So yeah, I’m lazy, and next winter when I don’t have a tub I’ll be sad, but in many other ways it will be a good place for me. Besides, I really like living close to downtown. I won’t be as close, but I also won’t be in weirdo Urbana or in a complex.

My mom and brother might be coming down next weekend, which would be nice. I haven’t seen them since Christmas, and don’t anticipate getting back to Rockford until summertime – I need to fix my car first, and I won’t have the money for that for a couple more weeks – and I’m sure I’ll want to stick around here in May to spend time with Shawn before he leaves for the Academy. Besides, my parents haven’t been down here since September, a couple of weeks before I moved – I’m glad they’ll get to see my apartment and such before I move again.

I have an interview at Friar Tuck tomorrow. I really don’t want a second job, but I do need the money. I’m hoping that Aroma or Kopi call me back first, though, cos it’d be nice to work closer to home. The not-using-my-car bit would be a total waste if I still have to drive to work, PLUS drive out to Savoy a couple of times a week. We’ll see.

I hope your weekend was every bit as lovely as mine. Let me tell you – it’s hard to keep from being totally lost in love on days such as these.