1021 Tummy Troubles

I sincerely hope the celeriac fries aren’t to blame, but I’ve had the worst stomachache since this morning, and nothing seems to be making it better.  I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but I will note that I’ve spent a lot of time with the heating pad and cups of ginger tea this afternoon and evening. Shane came into some free cheese at Zingerman’s the other night – he mentioned that his last cheese purchase tasted a little soapy, and they gifted him with Brebis d’Iraty in exchange – so he had cheese, crackers, and a Lil’ Sumpin Wild, but I stuck to chicken noodle soup:

Chicken Noodle Soup
Photo by essgee51

And here’s more evidence of Shane’s bestness: when he stopped at Plum for soup for me, he called me with all of the options (including nutritional information), and came home with not one but two soup choices – the chicken noodle, which I’d requested, and an absolutely delicious container of butternut squash and apple, which I’ll be taking for my lunch tomorrow.

With cold and flu season squarely upon us, what are YOUR food remedies?

0727 Another Vote for Shane’s Bestness

Bad day.

OK, nothing particularly bad about it.  I was just under a cloud all day for no particular reason.  I got home at 4 and went straight to bed, woke up to say hi to Shane, then flopped back into my pillow.  I had intended to cook before knitting group and Knight’s of the West Side (punctuation is correct, don’t hate), but I woke up to a pleasant surprise – while out running errands, Shane had picked up dinner.  Roasted beets , my favorite wheatberry salad, and Izze for me, Founders Centennial IPA and macaroni for him.  Also a copy of the 2010 America Test Kitchen Cooking for Two special issue.  Thank you to Plum Market and my husband for making the evening dramatically better.