Happy birthday to my bestie!

He turned 31 today.

[this is good]

We spent almost the entire day together, which was pretty awesome, despite the fact that half of it was a result of me being totally sick for the last 5 days.  We had a nice lunch at Jolly Pumpkin, took a long nap, and just got back from drinks at Ashley’s – he also got in some wrenching while I worked-while-sick, then scored free fried ice cream with friends at Taco Tuesday while I taught my class.  I also think I excelled in the present-giving department this year: a long-desired Hario Buono kettle and a screen-printed moped polo.

Tomorrow I’m off for a long weekend in Illinois with my friends – but for now I’m just loving the fact that I’ve gotten so much good time with SB the last few days – and that I have the extraordinary good luck of being married to my best friend.

Exit Strategy

SB’s going-away thing was Friday night, and after the chaos of trying to wrangle friends in the middle of a busy, crowded bar, I decided that I definitely did NOT want to do that for my departure. I would much, much rather spend quality time with a few people at a time over the next few weeks – lunches, dinners, drinks after work, other small outings. Consider this my notice that I’m going to make every effort to see lots of people before I go, despite my weird schedule, and if you haven’t heard from me, please bug me until we get together.

I told SB last night that I feel like I’m only looking forward at this point – to my move, my new job (whatever it will be), and my life together with SB. There are a lot of things for me here, and I’ll be really sad when I do leave, but I’m ready to move forward.

I wish I was one of those girls who can cry prettily – you know, quiet tears delicately streaming down soft pink cheeks. Good god, that’s not me. I’m more the sobbing, snuffling, red-eyed, blotchy-cheeked, red-faced, can soak a pillow in five minutes kind of crier. I’ve had some practice.

SB left for Virginia today. We loaded up his car this morning, packed the cats in their carriers, and said our goodbyes. He texted me I believe before he had even made it to the freeway. If we’re lucky, I’ll see him in about two weeks. If we’re not, it’ll be a little more than three. Three weeks is not a terribly long time in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like a very, very long time when one has to come home to a nearly empty and quite lonely apartment after a very busy, stressful, and emotional week.

I said to Keem this morning that I think that ultimately the next few weeks will be a good thing for me as they will give me a chance to consider the alternatives and remember why I made the choice that I did.

I’m still sad, though.

SB is off at his second interview in 7 days. He gets home Thursday night, and then I leave on Tuesday for another interview. We both have been going constantly for months now with very little down time, and I’m so tired of it. I’m really ready to be done with this part of our life so that we can move on to the next chapter together. That’s what teams do, right?


graduation day

Yesterday was commencement, and now we are both officially masters of science, even though we both actually finished our degrees in December. Shane’s family was here all weekend, and mine came down for the ceremony and brunch yesterday. It was an exhausting but lovely day, and I’m glad we were both able to participate.

Many congrats to my many friends who celebrated achievements this weekend!