Pulling Back the Curtain

This On the Media clip about NPR’s editing is, I think, one of the finest radio pieces I’ve heard.  I highly recommend it, and present a handy streamer for it below:



Things I Love Thursday #1

a la Julie Mack

  • The NPR New App for Android – I’ve been a mass transit or bike or walking commuter for 5 years, and for 5 years I’ve missed NPR on the commute. NO LONGER!
  • Winter veg: first successful batch of sweet potato fries last night, Suz’s cauliflower soup, sweet and spicy butternut squash soup for lunch.
  • Sweater and kneesock weather make #argylethursday a no brainer:

    Double #argylethursday

  • First email addressed to Professor Beers
  • Ginger tea (which I could really use right now)
  • Filling out my Goodreads with my old reading lists and scattered reviews – my as I think of it project for the last week or two
  • Reading somewhat trashy historical fiction in the bathtub

What are you into this week?