two thoughts (make that three)

I’m totally cool with non-stop Olympics coverage – especially when the coverage is as spectacular as Michael Phelps’s abs and Paul Hamm’s amazing come-back from falling on his butt and the women’s relay race where all the girls were screaming and the swimmer was ahead of the “world record line” (which is so freaking cool to begin with). The only flaw in this whole system is that non-stop Olympic coverage means no Law & Order. And that’s just sad.

However, for your reading pleasure, I provide Spider-Man 2: Webslinger or Weblogger?. It’s a good time.

Addendum: if you happen to have four sons and one daughter, do NOT name them all the same thing. I just worked a family with five Daniels (including the dad) and one Danielle. I’m sorry – that’s just wrong.

the thorpedo!

It’s fairly early, but I’m off to bed. Few things seem to affect my mental state as much as lack of sleep, and I could definitely feel that today. I offered to take any of the rough patients and/or coworkers as I wasn’t taking any shit from anyone, period. Side note: it’s becoming increasingly apparent why we need to track our productivity at work – people spend a stunning amount of time fucking around, wandering around, and talking to friends. And I felt bad for checking my email!

Anyway, tonight I was indoctrinated into the wonders of the 2004 Olympics, as well as Michael Phelps’s stunning torso. I think his abs deserve their own gold medal. I stopped by Shawn‘s for a few minutes which turned into a couple of hours, and I got home a few minutes ago in a much better mood.

Other things in my life – my parents are coming for the weekend, which will be nice. My dad hasn’t been down since I moved, so I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with him/them. My new landlord is great but keeps coming by at the oddest times – namely when I’m in a state of undress. He came by Saturday while we were still in bed – and last night when I was getting ready to shower. He has, however, done nothing about the giant pile of trash that has taken over my parking spot. Hmm. Work sucks most of the time, but I continue to love Aroma, even though working there leads to days of sheer exhaustion. I feel like I haven’t done anything but work and sleep for the last couple of weeks, which is I suppose not much different than the norm – but I’m looking forward to Events of Interest cropping up once the semester starts. Mainly I’m just looking forward to sleep.