The Best of Yesterday’s Inauguration Coverage (by my friend Abigail)

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What I did on Inauguration – Bullet Points Yesterday at 7:53pm

* Woke up. Rode metro. Annoyed by irresponsible gum chewer.
* Met up with Liz and Steph on corner of North Capitol around 7 am.
* Interviewed by Emerson College students making a documentary. I am a Communications genius! I should be Press Secretary.
* Diverted to 3rd Street Tunnel.
* Arrived at Mall.
* Liz and Steph hoist me up to take a picture of the crowds. Turns out Greg Rec from Portland Press Herald snapped a picture of us. Check it out! Scroll down to Images from DC, photo 7.
* Gave up parade route plan, set blanket down at Mall, next to Smithsonian exit, around 8:00 am.
* Amanda calls, “Come over there’s plenty of room on Penn and Conn!” Folded blanket, headed towards 7th and Conn checkpoint.
* Used the cleanest port-a-john in the city.
* Found Amanda! Boo!
* Played cards, ran in place, did lunges, had friends sit on feet. Soooo cold!
* Went for a quick jog around the area. Lo and behold, a street vent!!!
* Obama inaugurated.
* Nell arrives.
* Ate sandwich
* Antics: running in place, swinging side to side, taking pictures of the Sheriffs of Wilmington County, NC’s butts, America’s Next Top Model poses, breakdancing.
* Several trips to the vent in between all of the above.
* Parade…FINALLY!
* Walked with Nell to Dupont.
* Took Metro. Home in 20 minutes. Kudos to WMATA today!

here are some amazing quotes, please read: |

here are some amazing quotes, please read: |

“i was talking to some friends the other day and i was saying that it feels as if my smartest, best friend from college is president elect and that he’s going to be wearing a joy division t-shirt when he’s sworn in on january 20th.”

It’s been a week or two since I got all choked up about the election, but this quote did it for me this morning.  Thanks, Moby.

The right stuff | Salon

The right stuff | Salon: “Be good to yourself. Hire smart, stable people who can tell you things you need to know and not copy Bob Woodward. Keep some Republicans around. You’re the man. You make us proud. You let us get to know you. You have the gift of speaking clearly and forcefully, whole sentences and paragraphs, while thinking at the same time, a good gift. You don’t need a staff of writers to create a persona for you. You need engineers. Problem solvers. You’re inheriting a raft of them.”

5 November 2008

To wake up and find that it’s real – it’s really real – was so amazing.  I went about my day buoyed by the news, feeling secretly and warmed by the results.  Prop 8, on the other hand, remains heart-breaking, but for right now I’m so, so happy.

A lot of people said that it seemed like as soon as the race was won, it was safe to talk about race again – as if it had been off the table when Obama was up against a white man.  Keem said she felt like making a big deal out of the racial politics is detracting (and also distracting us) from one man’s amazing achievement, and from the terrific leader he is and will be.  For all the wonderful things I read celebrating his accomplishment on behalf of all African-Americans, I also worry that Obama the African-American will become an idol for those who want to see him as the culmination of centuries of racial struggle – rather than being allowed to be the flawed human man he is.

In an email to a friend this morning I mentioned that what I find so appealing about Obama – apart from all the great political stuff, of course – is his humanity.  One of the articles I read today talked about an African-American woman saying that her boys finally had someone to look up to – someone to be the embodiment of the things Martin Luther King Jr dreamed of.  I feel like the Obama we’ve been allowed to know over the past few years – the man who promised his kids a new puppy last night in front of the entire nation – is the sort of man that all of us should look up to.