NYC travel update #5

And today I come down soundly on the side of not wanting to live here, despite the awesome dim sum in Chinatown, finally having a day where I don’t have a subway mishap, and making it to both Rare Device (owned by a longtime Internet acquaintance who sadly wasn’t in today) and Teany, long desired destination before I had any other reason to want to come to New York. The city is vibrant, busy, complicated, and full of exciting things to see, do, and eat. I’m afraid that I, however, am cut of a different cloth.

Tomorrow I hope to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, visit Coney Island, and perhaps do some shopping if anything’s open. For right now, though, it’s raining in Brooklyn, and I’m going to go sit by the window.


NYC travel update #4

I walked the equivalent of one day on the Camino today, except instead of Spanish countryside, I covered about 2/3 of Manhattan.

Also I went to galleries and ate tiny treats and made a new friend and took a ferry and went to four boroughs.

Also I want to live here. I bought crottin with lavendar and a tiny crock of St Marcellin and also some crusty bread.

Also I’m too tired to tell you more.

NYC travel update #3

Today was divided into three parts.

Act I: breakfast scone and coffee on the edge of Prospect Park, shopping at H&M, exotic beverage break in Bryant Park after visiting the most beautiful market I’ve ever seen, photography exhibit at the New York Public Library (lions and all), Nat Sherman, five minutes in/by Times Square, shopping for SB, text message announcing the birth of Oliver Vance Cuerda – congrats to Stef and Sasha!

Act II: The Epic Journey to JFK: train #1 only runs during peak hours, so I hit a dead end. A kindly train-cleaning man gives me directions, gesturing to me through the window of the train as it pulls away. Train #2 gets me to the right place to change, but train #3 is going in the wrong direction. So is train #4. I am anxious on train #5 until I hear the driver clearly call out the destination a couple of times.

Act III: Luggage retrieved, back to Brooklyn, clean clothes then cheap tacos with Carrie and Adam O. Trains in the correct direction take us to MoMa, and I see Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and get goosebumps on my entire body. A long combination of trains and walking home, and now: showers (finally!), snacks, internet. We were going to meet Kat and Calgary for drinks, but instead I think we will probably fall asleep stat. Oh, and also we got to see the moon and Saturn through the telescope of someone named Joe.

NYC travel update #2

I have arrived in scenic Park Slope after many hours in the airport, on the plane (delayed both taking off and landing), and then crisscrossing Manhattan and Brooklyn and probably some other places by train. Carrie lives in a lovely neighborhood, and we had an improvised dinner on the roof. I am very, very tired.

My suitcase, however, has not arrived. It apparently caught a different flight than I did, making a side trip to Atlanta along the way. I was initially told that I could pick it up at JFK after 7:30pm tonight, so I left the airport operating under the assumption that I would just come back later. When I called to see if the bag could be sent to me, I was told that since I didn’t open a file at the airport, I would have to return to the airport to either (1) claim the bag or (2) create a file, at which point the bag could be sent to me. Carrie and I thought it might be fun to trek back over there, create the file, and then race the bag back to Park Slope. We ruled against this plan, however, when I called just now and was told to call back in two hours, as by that point they would know the status of the bag (aka whether or not it decided to come along from Atlanta, or if it is now further afield). I’m going to stay up long enough to call, but I don’t think I’ll have much energy beyond that.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s bag adventure installment! My plan is to trek back out to JFK while Carrie is working, then do things like go to museums and parks and perhaps H&M. I suppose that in the worst case scenario, my bag is gone, and I just replace it with more cute stuff from H&M tomorrow. That’s not so bad, right?

NYC travel update #1

It’s been a lol-larious day already.

SB and I left our house at about 4:30am in order to get me to O’Hare in time to check in before my 9:30am flight. The cats, however, decided that I needed to be up at 2:30-3, so I was tired by the time we left. One out-of-order ATM and a hilarious U-turn later, we were on the road, half awake and listening to the new Back to Mine disc. After a great deal of traffic, construction, and a very grumpy McDonalds stop (the McDonalds was grumpy, not us), SB deposited me at O’Hare at around 8. I zipped through the check-in process and security, and settled down in the terminal.

Not 15 minutes later, Delta announced that my flight was overbooked, and that $200 travel vouchers were available for 2-3 people who were willing to be bumped to the noon flight. With nothing pressing on my agenda for the rest of the day, I was in line at the desk before they finished their announcement. $200 voucher (plus a $7 lunch voucher) in hand, I again settled in to the terminal, making the necessary calls and texts so that SB and Carrie would know the plan.

About half an hour later, I was called back to the desk, as three seats on the original flight had apparently opened up. My partner in bumped-to-the-next-flight crime and I walked across the tarmac and boarded the plane, only to be told that the flight was completely full. Huh.

We trekked back to the terminal, were bumped back to the later flight again (no extra vouchers, sadly), and now I’m really settled in for the long (not really all that long) haul. I ponied up the $6.95 for airport internets with the hopes that I can get some job applications done before I fall over from exhaustion.

With any luck, the next time I post I’ll be in Brooklyn at Carrie’s, getting ready for all sorts of fun things. I might, however, just die of boredom here, though.

On the spur of the moment (at the spur of the moment?), I booked a flight for a long weekend in New York City in May. I’ll be there May 24-29. I’ve never been before, so I’m very excited. The main things I’m looking forward to are walking around, tea on Carrie’s roof, Central Park, perhaps a show at Lava, pretending I’m on Law & Order, and Gridskippers’s coke bars. OK, not the last part.

But seriously, where should I go, what should I do, and how can I keep it as cheap as possible?