1012 Taco Tuesday

238/365 - Autumn bokeh
Photo by aechempati

It’s fall here – for real, despite the weekend temperatures near 80. Our driveway is full of leaves, and the garden is starting to give up the ghost. It’s basically perfect moped weather, but with other obligations this weekend, we hadn’t had a chance to get out for a ride together. We sold my moped earlier in the week – it’s been acting up, and we were going to get rid of it anyway – so Shane was excited for me to learn how to ride his Hobbit tonight. We hopped on the peds for a short ride before dinner, zipping up Dexter and down Maple towards Huron River Drive.

And then Shane’s ped died. And then, just as the lights changed, my ped died. Did I mention that I hadn’t ever started the Hobbit on my own? So that was fun. Shane had already zipped through the light, and when he realized I wasn’t behind him, he doubled back, fearful that I’d crashed. By that time I’d figured out how to start the bike, but we both decided that a longer ride was a bad idea.

Instead, we went for tacos. Dollar tacos at Sabor Latino, to be precise. Neither of us had been, but it seemed like a good, cheap, and fast dinner – and it was. For $16, we had 7 tacos, an order of guacamole, a soda, a beer, and chips and salsa between us. Not quite as cheap as Taco Bell – but oh so much better! We both enjoyed the tacos al pastor, and we’re resolved to figure out how to make it at home. The salsa was spicy-sweet – even better than the guacamole, which is really saying something since we both love avocado. We left full and happy, and will definitely be back for more soon – perhaps even on the mopeds if this beautiful weather sticks around.


0925 Corn Chowder and an Attempted Robbery!

Another quiet Saturday.  Shane got home last night, tired and sick after a week away.  We went to Corner on our way back from the airport, had beers and fish tacos, and went to bed early.  Seriously, he was sawing logs by 9pm – well deserved after a long day of travel while under the weather.

To his credit, he dragged himself out of bed in time to go to the market with me – on the condition that we go to Comet first so that he could get his first good coffee in a week or more.  Apparently Viennese coffee is all weak or sweetened or both – not the bracing fantastic espressos and cappuccinos from SF, alas.  Comet cappuccinos followed by pumpkin donuts and several random friend meetings at the market makes for a nice fall morning.

And so we spent the Saturday – a few chores, a little moped work, a lot of getting caught up on new tv, and another batch of corn chowder with more sweet ears of market corn.  I’ve been buying a few extra each time so that our freezer is nicely stocked for the months to come.  I just hope we have enough…

Oh, and because several people have requested more biography and less straight-up food blogging, I should mention that at the end of a very relaxing and laid-back fall day, some JERK tried to steal one of the mopeds off the porch!  I was in the bathroom, so I didn’t witness any of this, but Shane was sitting on the couch and heard a weird noise outside, and when he got up to check on it, he found some dude trying to pick up one of the mopeds.  That alone is a feat since they aren’t light vehicles and they’re kind of packed in on the porch, and probably should’ve indicated his frame of mind.  Shane yelled at the guy, who backed off of the porch as if he were getting kicked out of the club “yeah, yeah, I’m going”.  Some further yelling took place as the guy walked away down the driveway and Shane followed, phone in hand and dialing the cops all the while.

By the time I looked outside to see what the hubbub was about, both Shane and the dude were across the street and Shane had reached the cops – in time for the dude to sort of attempt to chase Shane off?  I guess?  The cops were at our place within about 10 minutes, reporting that they’d caught the guy – a homeless(?) teen or 20something from an area familiar to the cops – so all’s well that ends well, though we’re newly paranoid about the (locked up) mopeds on the porch and our general safety in the area.