here are some amazing quotes, please read: |

here are some amazing quotes, please read: |

“i was talking to some friends the other day and i was saying that it feels as if my smartest, best friend from college is president elect and that he’s going to be wearing a joy division t-shirt when he’s sworn in on january 20th.”

It’s been a week or two since I got all choked up about the election, but this quote did it for me this morning.  Thanks, Moby.

I used to religiously read Moby’s blog back in my banking days, comparing notes with my coworkers who also religiously read his blog. This was in 2001, before everyone had a blog, so it was quite novel to read quirky, fun, unorthodox, totally normal thoughts and reflections from a very famous person. I forgot how much I loved Moby until I went to Teany when I was in New York (go, seriously, it’s totally charming).

The following is a perfect example of why I love Moby:

98% of respondents would not choose to be a vampire.
reasons given:
a-immortality seems lonely
b-the sun is nice

2% of respondents would choose to be a vampire.
reasons given:
a-immortality seems excellent
b-vampires seem to be pretty excellent, too

i have to say that i fall into the 2% category.
not sure how i could reconcile vampirism with veganism, though.
my friend conchetta did ask a good question.
basically: what if immortality doesn’t involve personal jet packs and unlocking the secrets of dna and food in pill form, but rather involved a blasted, desolate earth with only cockroaches and pigeons for friends?
i guess then you have to learn to love cockroaches and pigeons.
maybe assemble an unholy army of the living dead(who just happen to be cockroaches and pigeons. see, someone should make a zombie movie involving bugs. ‘zombie bugs’ is a title that springs to mind, for example.
(‘bug zombies’ also could work.)

This love

I finished Wizard and Glass yesterday in a whirlwind of reading while Shawn worked on his Dictee paper. It was really good – not sure if it’s the strongest in the series, but it was damned good and some of the portrayals of love, the sacrifice of love, the doomed nature of love, really grabbed at my heart.

Finally got a chance to see Alien Sex Party, courtesy of director Paul Yates, who somehow found my old blog and offered to send me a copy. It simply defines reterrible. Evil Dead previously held this title. It was crazy and funny and bizarre and definitely worth the watch, if only for The Pork Guys’ rendition of “Fuck Christmas, Fuck You.” Thanks, Paul!

Hannah, Shawn, and I saw Over the Rhine at the High Dive – they were awesome, and it’s super fun going to concerts just down the street. They played a bunch of my favorites, including “I Radio Heaven” and “All I Get for Christmas is Blue.” After the show we walked in the snow to Aroma, where we had tasty food and got to see the smallest laptop ever. (OK, maybe not EVER.)

Today’s been full of reading and stretching and more reading and stretching and coffee and Saddam’s capture. Did you know he was in a hole? Hey, yeah, he was in a hole. Let the finger pointing and “I told you so’s” begin. I hope the Democratic party can keep the focus on the issues and not let this overrun any hopes of a proper election. I hung out at Shawn til mid afternoon reading House of Leaves (which is insane and brilliant), then headed home so he could get some work done without distraction. I’ll be glad when the semester’s over and my friends have some free time – they’ve all been stressed, and that’s wearing on everyone. I love you guys – it’s almost over.

Had a few hard emotional moments this weekend – but they seem to pass fairly quickly. I can’t just not deal with things, even if the dealing is difficult. I can’t imagine being on the other side of this, loving me and taking care of me though it, but I’m so grateful for those who are here and holding me and helping me get through it all. I can’t imagine dealing with this alone. In many ways I’ve moved on – completely – I have a new life and new friends and new loves and new things – but the grief and guilt will haunt me for a long time. I am so lucky that those who I love and who love me realize that I have room enough in my heart for grief and pain AND love.