0301 Disappointing Matar Paneer

It’s so disappointing when a meal smells amazing but fails to deliver the flavor, texture, or satiety you were anticipating.  That was the case with tonight’s matar paneer.

0301 Matar Paneer

It was just missing – something. The sauce – what there was of it – lacked creaminess and spice.  The paneer – my first try at making this type of very simple cheese – also lacked the texture and squeak we expected.  The recipe I used recommended frying the cheese in ghee and then using it right away, which I didn’t do as I made it on Sunday for tonight’s dinner.  Next time!

When I linked to the recipe on Facebook, a friend described it as “an Indian dish modified for American collegiate vegetarians.” It seems like this happens frequently with ethnic food – an amazing dish with complex flavors is dumbed down for the standard American pantry and/or palate. Granted, I doubt I’ve had really authentic Indian food – but I’m reasonably sure that this isn’t it.  Fortunately, there are a lot of recipes out there to try, so I look forward to giving matar paneer another go – just not with this recipe.

Paneer from fxcuisine – made a half batch, as we really didn’t need a gallon’s worth
Matar Paneer from What’s 4 Eats