Tuesday already

It’s Tuesday already – Tuesday pm. I could say “where’s the week getting away to?” but I’m just glad it’s going.

This weekend was terrific, bookended by crazy. Friday we were supposed to leave at 6, but I got off work early (as you know). No word from the kids until 5:15, when Sarah called from the Saturn dealership – her car was dead with a four inch hole in the engine block. Terrifying, but a good thing it didn’t happen a couple of hours later when all three of us were in the car. We picked up Hannah, made a few frantic phone calls, then hit the road. On the way to Rockford Sarah expounded on her biggest news – that she and Greg are engaged. Aahh! It’s on the down-low for now (not that kind of d-l, Ice-T), but still exciting. Got into town around 10, and hung out at Jen’s for a while with Jen, Cassie, and Jen’s hella cute bunny Peter. I gave Hannah the tour of the house (yes, we do actually have five bathrooms), and we crashed.

Saturday was sleeping in, then breakfast with Mary J. We did some running-around-shopping, then spent the afternoon in the pool and the sun, smoking too many cigarettes and drinking wine coolers. It was a stereotypical girls’ day – and just what we all needed. I floated on my back in the pool for a while, thinking that it was the best sort of feeling – the cold of the water against the hot of my skin and the sun on my skin. I thought that the only thing that could improve on that moment would’ve been Shawn, but then it wouldn’t have been the same sort of day. Dinner at Beef A Roo, then I picked my parents (and Coo) up from the bus, where they’d just gotten in from Europe. They were deliriously tired, but it was good to have them home. More running around (including delivery of the naked mole rat book to Nicki and Cory), then more hanging out at Jen’s, this time with Krist, Erika, Devon, and Carly. Oh, and Peter too.

Sunday was a lovely breakfast with my parents, followed by lots of driving – to Lindenhurst to get the new car, then to IKEA, then home around the city. Sarah‘s new car is exactly like mine, except white and tinted windows. Good finds at IKEA – I now have kitchen canisters and ideas for the new apartment – and a nice dinner at a salad buffet place (name escapes me). The drive home was long and boring, but it was nice – I always forget how much I love love love driving in the summertime with the music up and the windows down. No word from Shawn, but it was the first day of the Academy, and I didn’t really expect to hear from him. Talked to Newman for a while when I got home, then crashed later than I’d planned.

Monday was a blur of lame-o training. My trainer has a Jennifer Tilly squeaky-voice and treats us like we have the intelligence of a flatworm. 4-5 more weeks of this might just drive me to drink – or to a regular smoking habit, which I’m trying to avoid. Sat on the porch for a long time when I got home, just reading The Fellowship of the Ring, then ran around with Sarah and had some nice quiet movie time.

Today was more lame-o training, plus a rainstorm and sub-par sushi. I have to work tonight, and am hoping to both finish my book and talk to Shawn later. A few other things on my mind to blog about, but I’ll put them separate from this great recounting-of-events. Hope your weekends were lovely. xo

Aragorn Fever

Spent half the weekend in the horrid haze of a deep fever and cough – and the rest of it entranced by hot, hot Aragorn. We brought Sarah up to speed on the trilogy Friday and Saturday, then went to see Return of the King tonight to top it off. Russ was down on Saturday, so we had curry. Finished House of Leaves on Saturday – whew – on to less convoluted reading materials. But first, sleep.

Friends have been dealt hard blows this weekend – dealing with hard things, working through hard problems – I feel blessed that what’s on my mind most right now is how much I’m going to miss that boy when he goes home for Christmas. I know it’s less than a week – but we see each other almost daily, so even a brief absence can feel pointed after such constant comfort. *


A lovely weekend of reading and friends and sunshine and cats and movies and free free free books. My stack in Sarah and Hannah’s garage is growing ever-larger. Makes me happy. I have probably one carload left at Nate’s, then furniture.
Interview today with Busey Bank. I’m not a career banker, but it would pay the bills. Maybe. We’ll see. Still no word from the CPL, but I did hear from the landlord about the apartment I love. As long as I have a good cosigner, I’m in!
A busy day at work – well, not inordinately busy. Dan and I wrote up a WHOLE LOT of transfers, only for me to discover that there was a lot of overlap in what we did – so about half the transfers didn’t actually have to be written up – at least not by both of us. Damn my aching shoulders. At least we get free food tomorrow.
Still not quite done with The Drawing of the Three, but if I have ANY chance to read tonight, I’ll finish. I meant to finish it Thursday night but watched the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring. Mmm, Aragorn.
So I revealed this weekend that I can’t multiply, I’m awful at Scrabble, and I am on occasion late for social engagements due to Lord of the Rings. And somehow I still have friends? How does that work?