0120 Restaurant Week dinner at Logan

This week is Ann Arbor Restaurant Week and, as in DC, we took advantage of that fact to go out for my birthday dinner, albeit a few days late.  We opted for dinner at Logan, especially since the bourbon pork tenderloin – the most drool-worthy item on the menu for us – is normally $28, much making the $25 3 course prix fixe menu a great deal.

After careful negotiation, Shane ordered the Logan salad, the roasted asparagus penne, and the pork tenderloin, and I had the asparagus tempura, the fennel salad, and the pork as well.  For me, the second course was the stand-out – the fennel was fresh with just a hint of creamy Parmiagiano-Reggiano, and Shane’s penne featured savory pistachios, buttery asparagus, and a very light cream sauce.  We both ordered the wine flights, and then shared a pear roulade for dessert.

While we both enjoyed the meal, Shane commented that we’ve been making equally good food at home, and for a lot less money.  For me, though, part of the fun of going out for a nice meal is getting inspired to try new things at home – so this is my mental note to try to duplicate that pasta come spring.